Man Vs Mountain Review

Man Vs Mountain Review

The Rat Race team is back with another exhilarating event - Man vs. Mountain. This invigorating adventure run is the latest in physical challenges, all taking place amidst the beautiful natural scenery of Snowdonia.

The Man vs. Mountain course will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced, offering the race of a lifetime that only the boldest can endure. The insane team behind Rat Race have really outdone themselves with this roller coaster running route.

The history of Man vs. events

Rat Race have over 15 years of experience in organising runs and obstacle courses. The event is officially sponsored by various charities and is open to any confident runners who are able to complete a half marathon. The idea behind the Man vs. events is to give an unforgettable experience to those who love to battle against natural obstacles.

Man vs. Mountain is Rat Race’s most infamous Snowdonia challenge. It was set up as a charity run for those who seek the toughest of runs and spans 22 miles across a variety of terrain and obstacles. It’s an ultra-marathon for those who really want to test their physical limits while raising funds and awareness for charity. 

What is Man vs. Mountain?

what is man vs mountain

Man vs. Mountain is a mountainous running route covering a 22mile course complete with obstacles up Snowdon mountain. The ascent is 5500 feet in total, starting at sea level. The obstacles are mostly provided by the course natural terrain including jumps, short swims, and climbing and scrambling over rocks. It’s designed for those who want to take on mother nature and have trained running over hilly terrain. 

Man vs. events typically include their trademark vertical kilometre. Whereas not all parts of the race involve climbing uphill, you will have to tackle this most challenging section. You’ll also need to do a little abseil to get back down the other side. While not for the faint-hearted, it’s well worth it, as you’ll get to experience stunning views all the way out to sea and of the surrounding natural beauty. 

The one-day event takes an average of five and a half hours to complete, but it’s not timed. You’ll be competing mostly against nature and there are no prizes for the fastest times. It’s more about setting yourself a personal challenge and each participant is just as much a winner as the next. 

The event is well-organised by the best volunteers and marshals around. There are plenty of safety measures in place including paramedics on-site and snack and water pit stops. The Rat Race team are available for any help you need. All runners are tracked by GPS and the route is clearly marked.

Where does Man vs. Mountain take place?

where does man vs mountain take place

The Man vs. Mountain challenge begins at sea level at the legendary Caernafon Castle in Wales and continues all the way up to the summit of the Snowdon mountain. The way down leads to the Dinorwic Quarry where you’ll tackle the classic Man vs. Mountain vertical kilometre along with both natural and manmade obstacles before you reach the finish line in Llanberis. 

Racers have the option to set up camp near the finish line in Llanberis and take a bus to the start. This needs to be booked in advance along with any accommodation in Llanberis. Alternatively, if you stay in Caernafon the event organisers also provide cheap £5 shuttle services back once you’ve completed the race.

Who is Man vs. Mountain for?

who is man vs mountain for?

Man vs. Mountain is an extreme physical challenge aimed at those who have running experience. Ideally, competitors will be able to comfortably complete a half-marathon and of course, sufficient training will be necessary before the event itself. In order to prepare for Man vs. Mountain, it’s advisable to train on a mix of hilly and off-road trails. 

It’s primarily a running challenge but you will almost definitely come into contact with water so racers need to be able to swim. Buoyancy aids will be provided in the event of full immersion and plenty of other safety equipment and staff are available along the way. If you prefer, it is also possible to bypass the wet sections, and the event welcomes runners of all backgrounds.

Rat Race’s latest and most challenging vertical event is only for the boldest of runners. If you think you’re ready to battle the gorgeous yet treacherous Snowdonia terrain, why not give it a go? You can register online at the Rat Race Man vs. Mountain website. 

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