Pretty Muddy Glasgow Review

Pretty Muddy Glasgow Review

Race For Life events has been happening in Glasgow for a number of years in the form of marathons and half-marathons. They are an excellent way to engage people in a community event, support fitness and raise valuable money for a good cause. Everyone knows someone who is affected by cancer in some way.

The Pretty Muddy is a relatively new addition to the Race For Life Calendar, but it's just as much fun as any road race, perhaps more fun, some would argue. With covid lockdowns responsible for the cancellation of this year's event, attention has now turned to 2021, when Pretty Muddy is expected to return with lovely mud on its face.

What is Race for Life?

Pretty Muddy is a 'race for life' event, which is part of the UK's biggest fundraising activities. Under the banner race for life, many events take place around the UK, including 5ks, 10ks, jogs, and obstacle courses. The race for life began 25 years ago and has since raised around £500 million in the fight against various forms of cancer. 

Traditionally the events were only for women, ever since the first race for life in 1994. But since 2019 the doors have been open to men for the first time. It is now and entirely inside an event that doesn't discriminate. It provides a platform for people of all ages and dispositions to come together with friends and family, have fun, and raise funds for an important cause. 

What is Pretty Muddy? 

In short, Pretty Muddy is an extremely muddy day out and a bit of exercise with friends and family. But it isn't only that; the event also raises valuable funds for cancer charities. If you like scrambling across an obstacle course with the added difficulty of layers of intentional mud as well as the obstacles stopping you, this event is just the thing.

There are A-frames, mud pits, crawling nets, climbing frames, and much more. Even if you don't think you're the type of person who would enjoy it, you might just be surprised. It is also for an excellent cause, and most people report high enjoyment levels and a desire to return the following ear. After all, what could be better than beating cancer together? 

Where Does it Take place? 

The Pretty Muddy Race for Life is Glasgow's contribution to cancer awareness and support. The course is assembled in Pollock Country Park and encompasses a 5k obstacle course with plenty of mud. You and your friends, colleagues or family can have fun scrambling over-the-counter A-frames and wading through the mud pits as you raise funds for cancer research. 

Ordinarily, the event takes place in September in Pollock County Park when the conditions are ideal for running around in the mud. The meeting point is at the famous Burrell Collection, and the route moves down past the stately Pollock House, built in the 18th Century.  What is Pretty Muddy Kids? 

You might want to take part in the Pretty Muddy event but don't have anyone to look after the kids. Or maybe it's the kids that want to get muddy on the obstacle course, but the frames and nets are too big for them, not to mention too difficult in an adult race. That's why Pretty Muddy Kids is available.

Pretty Muddy Kids takes the pressure off parents who want to bring the kids along by giving them something just as entertaining to take part in. The kids obstacle course is designed for children between 5 and 12 years old. There are many fun activities for them to do, including scramble nets, space hoppers, mud chutes and muddy pools.

How Does it Work? 

It's a pretty muddy event, so the park is set up to be extra muddy with the obstacle course set out in the middle. From a distance, you will see the A-frames, the mudslide, and the climbing frames. You can check-in as an individual, a group of friends or colleagues, or a family. The Pretty Muddy event for adults is open to anyone over 13 years old. Younger people can join Muddy Kids. 

You will be allotted a start time for your wave of the obstacle course. Each wave starts 15 minutes apart to give previous waves enough time to advance the course. Individuals can go at any time, but groups will have to stay together and go in the same wave. If you are a group, make sure you sign up together as your wave cannot be changed after you sign the dotted line.

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