airofit review

Airofit Review

Airofit Pro 2.0 Airofit Pro 1.0 Airofit Active
airofit pro version 2
airfit pro version 1
airofit active
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I started using my Airofit Pro in September 2022 and followed it religiously for 30 days to see if my running would improve and if it would improve my Vo2 Max. 

Lung Test

airofit lung test

When you connect your breathing device to your app, before every training session you take a lung function measurement test. 

This allows you to track your progress and the results from the test personalise your training plan. 

As you can see from my results above, I managed to increase my inspiratory strength by 19.5% and my expiratory strength test by 25.4%. 

By the end of the 30 days I also managed to get in top 9% of users.

The Training Plan

The Airofit Pro comes with 17 training programs to choose from. I selected the running training plan, as that seemed to be the most obvious choice as I wanted to improve my running. 

Each day, you follow the plan and the amount of time increases as you progress, just like you would with a running plan. 

The plan was simple and easy to follow with clear visual and audio instructions of when to breath in and breath out. 

The Results

airofit results

Whilst I could see I was improving on the lung test, my Vo2 Max on my Garmin did not improve.

However, whilst my Garmin did not think I had improved, more importantly I could feel the difference myself

I stopped using my Asthma inhaler and my easy runs became easier. 

For me though, I previously really struggled to catch my breath during hard intense sessions or when it was really cold.

With the breathing training, I think my diaphragm was working better and from just 5 to 10 minutes a day for 30 days I could feel the effort was worth it.  

Does Airofit make you run faster? I am not sure it makes you run faster, but it did allow me to train harder and recover quicker, which in turn made me faster and felt better in myself with my breathing control. 

Airofit Pro Vs Active

The main difference between the pro and active version is the pro device connects to your phone via bluetooth and allows you do lung function measurement tests to track your progress, and from your lung function tests the app will be personalise your training plan. 

The pro version has a lot more training plans to follow and because of the bluetooth connectivity it gives you feedback and precise guidance. 

If I am honest, I am not sure I would have been so consistent and stuck with it without the app guidance or feedback of data, so personally I would spend the extra and get the Pro version. 

UPDATE: Since I reviewed the Airofit Pro device, Airofit have recently launched version 2 of their Pro device, so I have included this in the results table below as all the breathing devices are still available to buy on the Airofit website. 

Personally, I would happily pay the extra £50 for the newer version for the newer features. I have underlined the newer features in version 2 so you compare it with version 1. 

Airofit Pro 2.0 Airofit Pro 1.0 Airofit Active
airofit pro version 2
airofit pro version 1
airofit active
£302 £259 £112
Bluetooth Connectivity Bluetooth Connectivity No Bluetooth Connectivity
Advanced lung function measurement Lung function measurement No lung function measurement
Personalised training plan Personalised training plan
Training plan
17 training sessions 17 training sessions
6 training sessions
Extra precise guidance and feedback Precise guidance and feedback
Simple guidance
Progress tracking Progress tracking No progress tracking
Longer battery life (4-7 days) Battery life (3-6 days)
Magnetic charging cable Micro USB charging cable
Improved water resistance
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I have only used the Airofit breathing device for 30 days at the time of writing this review but I intend to continue to use it. 

Like anything though, it takes effort, consistency and routine to make sure you do the training. 

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