Collection: GU Energy

GU Energy Gels were created for daily training and competition, and are suitable to be used by those training for mud runs, obstacle racing, cross country, and other kinds of running.

These Gels have energy-dense calories to help sustain your energy levels while you’re running. Each packet is 100 calories and contains carbohydrates that use non-competing pathways to maximize the amount of carbohydrates that you can absorb and use, without causing stomach upset. Added sodium helps with hydration by maintaining water balance, and the branched-chain amino acids can reduce fatigue and muscle damage. 

GU Energy Gels are designed to supply you with energy and important nutrients like amino acids and electrolytes while you run to keep you feeling energised. The gels have a precise blend of simple and complex carbohydrates to fuel you for your whole run. The gels from GU come in a wide range of flavours to stop you from getting bored. 

Different energy gels work well for different people. GU’s range contains a variety of gels, chews and snacks, so there’s something for everyone, whether you prefer a snack before a run or something to fuel you up if you’re flagging mid-run. 

If you plan to use energy gels for a race or other competition, then you should use them as you train first to help you get used to them. While you’re running, your body prioritises sending blood to your muscles, so the blood flow to your digestive tract is reduced.

The lack of blood can mean your stomach gets irritated if you eat on a run, as your stomach finds it harder to digest liquids and food. By practising with your energy gels, your body can get used to them before race day. Take a little at a time as you increase your mileage, so your stomach can adapt to digesting while running. 

But which energy gel is the best one to use? Which of GU’s options should you go for?


Energy gels are used to replenish your carbohydrate stores which are depleted from running. When you run, your body uses fat and carbohydrates to fuel your muscles.

Fat is widely available, but it is slow to break down into usable energy, which makes it ineffective for running. This means your body relies on carbohydrates to fuel your run. The faster you run, the more carbohydrates your body will use for fuel. Unfortunately, the body can only fuel a limited amount of carbs on your muscles. This is where energy gels, like the ones from GU, come in handy. 

All GU’s energy gels contain simple sugars, which are absorbed into your bloodstream as glucose. This gives you an energy spike. The glucose is then absorbed by your active muscles and organs to help you to continue to fuel your run. They’re ideal for packing into your run bag to keep you going on a long run, whether you’re training or competing.