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Balaga Silver Socks

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One of the problems that runners face is a build-up in sweat, odour, and microbes around the feet. Wearing socks that do not breathe well or work to minimise the perspiration around your feet can lead to infections which can be uncomfortable for runners. The Balega Silver Socks deal with this problem in a very effective manner. 

The Balega Silver Socks use a Silver technology. Your feet are surrounded with gentle silver chloride ions which are infused into the yarn of the sock. This will help to keep your feet odour-free through the sock’s anti-microbial properties. As a result, your feet will be healthier.

Silver chloride ions infuse yarn to keep your feet odour-free Less support than other socks in balega range
Protects feet from fungal infections Not as lights as some socks
Greater comfort Less blister support than in other socks from the Balega range

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