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  • Balega Hidden Comfort Socks
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Balega Hidden Comfort Socks

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Using Balega’s proprietary blend of synthetics, Drynamix, the Hidden Comfort socks keep your feet dry inside your running shoes.

They help wick away moisture and speed up the evaporation process. There are meshed areas that allow greater airflow through the socks meaning your feet can breathe better. 

With plush underside and cushioning as well as reinforced toes and heels, you will get the support and protection where you most need it.

Pros & Cons?

Mesh areas help your feet breathe
The overall weight of the sock is not the lightest available
Cushioning on toes and heels and plush underside for comfort and support
Does not have the full impact support
Drynamix helps wick away moisture helping your feet stay dry
May not be the best design for long-distance running

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