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  • Balega Ultra Light Running Socks
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Balega Ultra Light Socks

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Comfort is everything when it comes to finding the right running socks, and the last thing that you want is heavy socks hindering your agility. 

The Balega Ultra Light Socks are hi-performance socks made from ultra-fine yarns using a high needle count knitting machine.

This results in the lightest running sock which is available while still ensuring the right protection is in place to take care of your feet.

Pros & Cons?

The lightest running sock available
Material may feel to thin for some runners
Reinforced heel and toes designed to reduce any chance of friction
Socks do not offer the same level of support as others and may be less suitable for longer runs
Potential for improved performance due to the weight of the socks
Less blister prevention support in comparison with other designs which are available

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