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  • Balega Ultraglide Running Socks
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Balega Ultraglide Socks

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The Belega ultra glide socks provide friction-free running. They are available for both men and women and are well suited to runners who are prone to skin irritation and hot spots where blisters may form. 

Using Beluga's proprietary dynamic poly blend fibre, coupled with a special blend of friction-free nylon yarn and a textile lubricant to reduce heat and chafing, the Ultraglide socks provide comfort and performance for any runners. 

The well constructed Ultraglide socks have targeted cushioning across the top which will reduce the pressure from the laces on your running shoes, and there are also reinforced areas on the heel and the toes to ensure comfort and durability where you need them the most. 

The Balega Ultraglide socks have arch support and flat-knit structure that are designed to keep the socks firmly in place. They also have ventilation panelling that allows your feet to breathe. Cushioning is also in place to make sure that you are able to take the impact of a long-distance run.

Pros & Cons?

Friction-free materials which are designed to prevent blisters or skin irritation
Not as lightweight as other socks
Cushioning in the areas that you need to protect your feet the most, such as the heels, toes, and under the laces of your running shoes
Less blister care and support than other products from this manufacturer
Arch support to help with performances when running for endurance
Less support for endurance and impact than on other Balega socks

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