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Garmin Smart Scale

Garmin Smart Scale

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Ready to see how much of your body is fat, muscle, bone or water? Garmin has got you. Whether you're an athlete in training or just trying to maintain a healthy weight, the Garmin smart scales can give you a more holistic view of your health on an easy-to-read colour display.

What Stats Does It Show?

Nothing beats having all of the stats that you care about in one place. Connecting is made easy thanks to built-in Wi-Fi technology that allows you to see your stats all together in one place with the Garmin Connect app on your compatible smartphone.

The Smart Scale can hold up to 16 other users so that you can make it a group effort for family, teammates or friends to help track individual goals and progress. Each user can sync and view their own stats in Garmin Connect.

Your stats can be easily synced to your Garmin Connect account via Wi-Fi where you can view trend graphs, multiple daily weights and more alongside your wellness information. When you step on the scale, simply select which stats you want to see on the app or see your data on a high-resolution colour display. The Index S2 Smart Scale allows you to keep up with your goals for up to 9 months without new batteries.

Can You Track Your Progress?

Your weight can change a lot day to day, the Index S2 allows you to see your progress over time, and stay motivated. The Smart Scale not only displays your weight in pounds, kilograms or stones and pounds but also shows you differences between one weigh-in and another.

This means that you can see how your weight has changed during the past 30 days and track longer trends in the Garmin Connect app. Track how your body changes throughout the day and patterns in your weight on the scale and in Garmin Connect with multiple daily weigh-ins.

To see if you are in a healthy range, the scale gives you an accurate measurement of how your mass relates to your height. Your body needs some fat to be healthy, so the Index S2 calculates what percentage of your mass is made up of essential and stored fat.

You can also see how much skeletal muscle you have on your body and track how much muscle you're building as well as see how much of your weight is bone mass. The scale also allows you to see what percentage of your total mass comes from fluids to help you see how hydrated you are, or alternatively, if you only want to track weight, you can disable any other body composition data you don't want to record.

Random Weather Forecast

Lastly, a handy weather widget conveniently displays today's forecast when connected to Wi-Fi to help you plan your day.

PLEASE NOTE: Individuals with pacemakers or other internal electronic devices should not use this device.

What Colours Are Available?

Currently the Garmin Smart Scale is only available in black.

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