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GU Energy Gels

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These convenient gels pack energy-dense calories in a portable packet for you take with you when you go for a run. This means you can take them with you on long runs to boost your energy and keep you going.

This multipack is a cost-effective way to buy multiple gels, in a wide range of flavours. Each gel helps you to perform better with a mix of simple and complex carbs.

Vegan, gluten-free and kosher Thick texture, so may need water to wash it down
Mixed flavours give you plenty to try without buying a lot of one flavour Small size, so may not fill you up
Only 100 calories per packet Must be taken with water to be absorbed into the bloodstream

Does Gu Energy Gel expire?

GU Energy Gels have a best by date, rather than an expiration date. This means that will taste best and be most effective before that date, but can be safely consumed afterwards.

When do you use GU Energy Gel?

GU Energy Gel can be used before and during your run. They can be used as part of your regular training routine, or during competition racing. Eat one sachet of gel every 30 to 45 minutes while exercising. You can also take one at the end of a race to aid with muscle recovery, even if it hasn’t been 30 minutes since your last shot. Once you’ve stopped running, your stomach will be able to digest the gel.

How much caffeine is in GU Energy Gel?

The amount of caffeine in GU’s Energy Gels varies by product and flavour. For the original gels, most flavours contain 20mg of caffeine, but there is more in the coffee flavours. Consuming caffeine during exercise can improve performance.

The caffeine sharpens your focus and boosts your energy. It can also help your body to produce more power, tap fat for fuel, and reduce the pain of hard effort during your run. This allows you to run harder for longer.

If you prefer to limit your caffeine intake, there are several caffeine-free flavour options available across all GU’s products. Check the ingredients list before buying for the caffeine amounts.

Gu Energy Gel v Gu Roctane?

Gel Roctane products are designed to be used for a more intensive or long-duration activity. For example, for short runs, stick with the original, but for your long runs or events like marathons, use Roctane.

In order to keep going for these tougher events, you need a boosted supply of essential nutrients. By using energy gels, you can get these nutrients in a portable, easy to digest format.

The main difference between Energy Gel and Roctane Gel is more branch-chained amino acids (BCAAs) than the original Energy Gel, and additional amino acids beta-alanine and taurine.

Both options will work well for runners. Which you chose to use depends on how long you plan to run for. Roctane is useful for intense training, whereas the original gel is suitable for shorter distances while training.

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