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  • Inov-8 X-Talon 260 review
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Inov-8 X-Talon 260

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The X-Talon 260 shoe is designed for long distance trail running over difficult terrain, so it has more focus on comfort.

The well-designed combination of materials gives the level of comfort and support that you need for longer races over varied terrain, but it is also a good all-rounder that is great for training or short distances as well.

The lugs on the sole are 8mm, which is incredibly large compared with other similar shoes. They are also positioned in such a way that mud falls off easily, so you get maximum grip and reduced chance of clogging.

However, if you wear these shoes on concrete, they will wear very quickly and you will not get the same grip when you go back to running trails in the mud.

Comfort over long distances
Lugs wear down on concrete very quickly
8mm lugs give excellent grip
Less effective on hard packed ground
Reduced chance of mud clogging
Upper shoe is only water repellent, not fully water resistant

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