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Physion Pro Masage Gun

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You might have seen the Physion Pro massage gun advertised on your Instagram or Facebook feed offering comparison tables with better durability and features against other massage guns.

With enhanced muscle recovery, release stress and tension, and the ability to soothe discomfort with a percussive therapy device in a league of its own.

After upgrading from a massage gun from Amazon I have been really impressed with the Physion Pro battery life, weight, grip, choices of attachments, speeds and how much easier it is to use on yourself when it is wireless. 

In particular I found it really good at helping my thighs and IT band recover from hard training sessions and at some point I will probably purchase the Mini version. 

What Is Included?

The Physion Pro massage gun includes 5 standard attachments, the carry case and battery charger.

I upgraded to the professional precison kit which includes another 4 attachments.

What Is The Battery Life?

The Physio Pro massage gun has a battery life of 15 hours.

What is The Weight?

It is 1.3Kg or 2.9lbs and feels really easy to hold.

Where To Buy?

Currently only available from the Physion website but it delivers worldwide.

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