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KYMIRA Infrared Compression Socks

KYMIRA Infrared Compression Socks

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The KYMIRA infrared compression sock boosts circulation in the feet and calves to help improve your running performance and accelerate recovery.

The Science behind Infrared socks

KYMIRA fabrics have been clinically proven to have biological effects on the body to aid in performance and recovery.

The beneficial effects include:

  • Increased micro-circulation
  • Temperature regulation
  • Injury reduction
  • Pain relief
  • Accelerated recovery

The KYMIRA fabrics achieve this by harnessing your wasted energy and converting it into infrared light, which is then emitted back into your body. 

What is made of?

58% Polyester, 37% Polyamide and 5% Elastane. 


We particular liked the ribbed cuffs at the top that kept the compression sock in place and the extra support bands around the shin and ankle to deliver additional support. The heel and toes were well cushioned with extra layers to help prevent blisters.

Size Guide

One of the points we really like about the KYMIRA compression socks is because of the infrared technology, unlike other socks they do not have to be tight against the skin and are super comfortable to wear. 

UK 3-5 UK 6-8 UK 9-11 UK 12-15
EU 35-38 EU 39-42 EU 43-45 EU 46-49
US 5-6 US 7-9 US 10-12 US 13-16


I had not heard of KYMIRA before trying them as they a probably more well known in the sports of Rugby, Football and NFL.  

KYMIRA however, is one of the leading smart textile companies in the world that is  used by Olympic athletes, international sports stars, elite teams and recreational athletes alike; even world record explorers!

We think these are one of the best compression socks that we have tried and is a high end, well made sock that is worth the price point it deserves.

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