noblepro elite 8.0 treadmill review

NoblePro Elite 8.0 Treadmill

NoblePro Elite 8.0 Treadmill
noblepro elite treadmill
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The NoblePro Elite 8.0 Treadmill goes back to basics, whilst the use of mechanical buttons offers great control by feel while you focus on your running.

What Is The Screen & Sound Like?

noblepro elite 8.0 screen

The screen is a 7" LED screen that shows you speed, time, heart rate, distance and incline. 

The interface offers a no fuss experience that focuses on your key data with the added benefit of the latest Bluetooth software.

Lastly, it has a dual speaker audio system and you can use the treadmill speakers using Bluetooth. 

Does It Have Pre Built In Training Programs?

Yes, the NoblePro Elite 8.0 treadmill comes with 17 custom programs and includes heart rate based programs.  


One of the biggest selling points about NoblePro treadmills is the ability to use multiple apps like Peloton, Nordic track/Pro form, iFit and not being stuck with 1 platform.

It connects directly to:

  • Zwift
  • Kinomap
  • BitGym
  • Peloton
  • Kinni

As a added bonus, you also get lifetime membership to Kinni when you buy a NoblePro treadmill. 

What Is The Maximum Speed?

The fastest the treadmill will go is 20 km/hr, which is the equivalent of 4:50 min/mile or 3:00 min/km pace. This is a 15 minute 5KM so this should be enough for the majority of runners. 

Does It Have A Heart Rate Monitor?

It does NOT have heart rate monitors you can hold.

However, it does have heart rate sensor compatibility so you can use your favourite BLM heart rate monitor and it will show your heart rate on the screen. 

Does It Have A Phone Holder?

Yes, it has 2 holders that will fit your phone or keys. 

Will Foot Pods Work?

Foot pods like the Stryd, Coros or Garmin foot pods will work but the NoblePro treadmills also come with a virtual foot pod.

This means the treadmill will send your treadmill data via bluetooth to your app.

This provides all the advantage of using a foot pod without actually needing to use a foot pod.

The virtual foot pod is automatically activated on NoblePro treadmills via Bluetooth.

The NoblePro virtual foot pods will send the following data:

  • Cadence
  • Speed
  • Stride Length
  • Distance

Is It Foldable?

noblepro elite 8.0 folded up

The Noblepro 8.0 folds up really neatly measuring just 130cm x 86cm x 152.5 cm when folded. 

It should be noted it is quite heavy to lift up but everyone should be able to do this without any problems. 


4.2 HP DC motor
20 km/hr
INCLINE 20 different ranges
PROGRAMS 17 different programs
7" LED Screen
Speed, Time, Heart Rate, Distance and Incline
HEART RATE MONITOR Heart rate sensor compatibility so you can use your favourite heart rate monitor
SIZE 1880 mm x 860 mm x 1450 mm
RUNNING AREA 1500mm x 520mm

NoblePro Elite 8.0 vs NoblePro Elite 8.1i Treadmill Comparison?

The NoblePro Elite 8.0 treadmill is the more basic version of the 2 NoblePro treadmills. 

The treadmills themselves are pretty much the same, except the 8.1i version can go 2.0 km/hr quicker than 8.0.

The main difference is the 8.0 has a more basic screen, less software and less training programs but costs £600 less than the 8.1i treadmill. 

Personally, if you can afford it, upgrade to the 8.1i for the extra features and connections. 

NoblePro Elite 8.0 Treadmill NoblePro Elite 8.1i Treadmill
noblepro elite 8.0 treadmill side view
noblepro elite 8.1i treadmill side view
£1649.49 £2249.49
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If you have any questions you would like to ask about the NoblePro Elite 8.0 treadmill, please ask below in the comments.


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The content was very helpfull

Son L. Johnson

Hi Jamie, both NoblePro treadmills have The FTMS module within the treadmill, that has the latest fitness BLE which allows connectivity to a wide range of apps but I dont think this currently includes iFit.

Regarding, apps controlling the treadmill, NoblePro have created an app called Kinni that allows you to create your own workout and it takes full control of the treadmill. You can also connect Kinni directly to third party apps to run your workouts through the treadmill too using a function called FitCast. Different apps have different capabilities though.

Hope this helps


Does the 8/8i work with iFit and automatically control speed and incline based on programme selected?

Jamie Kaminski

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