Dryrobe Towel Robe Review

Dryrobe Towel Robe Review

Dryrobe Towel Robe
dryrobe toweling robe
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The Dryrobe Towel isn’t created to be a jacket that you can wear for warmth or protection from the elements.

However, it does serve its own purpose very well. The Dryrobe Towel is mainly designed to dry you off while providing you with cover while you change.

If you need to dry off after one of your runs or courses, you can pull the Dryrobe Towel on over your clothes, slip out of your clothes easily and then use the towel to dry yourself off, without exposing yourself to others if you are in a public space.

You can then also simply put clean and dry clothes on before going about the rest of your day.

The toweling material itself is made from soft, Italian cotton, which dries quickly, meaning you’re not left lugging about a sodden towel for the rest of the day. It also has a hood to help with drying your hair!


  • Supersoft, Italian cotton which dries quickly after use
  • Has a hood to help dry your hair
  • A simple, straightforward product that does what it says


  • Can be a little heavier and bulkier than a standard towel
  • Serves one purpose, rather than being multipurpose like the Dryrobe jackets
  • No pockets

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