HUUB Changing Robe Vs White Water Robe comparison

HUUB Changing Robe Vs White Water Robe

HUUB Changing Robe White Water Robe

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Whether you need protection to keep you warm before a run, immediate warmth after a run or simply to keep you warm whilst watching a cross country, a robe that protects against all the elements British weather throws at us and keeps you dry is essential.

But does the HUUB changing robe or White Water robes come out on top as having the ultimate all-weather changing robe?

This article will help you compare HUUB vs White Water robes and help you decide which delivers the ultimate comfort, privacy, and immediate warmth.

What’s The Difference Between The HUUB Changing Robe And The White Water Robe?

Inner Lining

huub changing robe vs white water robe fleece lining

The HUUB Changing Robe is towel-lined to help you dry off and warm up after that your run. The ultra-absorbent material moves moisture throughout the inner lining to allow you to dry off quickly.

White Water robes boast Sherpa-fleece lining made from recycled polyester with moisture-wicking capabilities to help remove water from your body quickly and stay toasty for longer. It even has a drip strip to stop water seeping into the lining.

White Water offers more rapid warm-up, practicality and comfort in the inner lining than the HUUB Changing robe.

The White Water robe feels nicer too and you can tell the difference between two in quality.

Inner & Outer Pockets

pocket comparison

The White Water robes come 3 pockets. A waterproof large chest pocket with a waterproof zipper, and a parachute puller. The brushed tricot inner lining adds comfort and style and is a perfect place to store essentials like your phone or wallet.

There are also two hand pockets in a brushed tricot lining to warm up cold hands and a large inner pocket perfect for storing your a small hot water bottle. White Water robes have multiple storage options within the inner and outer lining of the robe.

HUUB changing robes also have an inner pocket, and unlike the White Water robes, they come with a headphone port. HUUB has also made the smart choice to have large fleece-lined pockets to warm up your hands.

Outer Shell


White Water robes come with their trademarked SWB-Tech fabric, created from durable ripstop recycled nylon. Ripstop is incredibly strong but highly breathable, especially with the TPU inner membrane. The TPU membrane helps protect against wind and adverse weather conditions while allowing over 5000 mm of water to pass through the fabric over a day. That means you can stay warm while allowing the water vapours to pass through the fabric and help you dry off and warm up.

What makes White Water robes ‘hard shell’ has a water-repellent finish that allows water droplets to slide off the fabric and not sit on the material.

HUUB goes into much less detail about the outer shell but does state that it is water and tear-proof durable fabric. The HUUB changing robe and the White Water robe both come with taped seams to prevent water or wind from entering the robe.

I did not get wet using either robe in the wet, but you can tell the difference in the outer shell linings, the water just falls off the White Water robe. 

White Water robes even have an external hanging loop to hang up your robe between use.

Design & Sizing

back view comparison

HUUB’s changing robe comes 2 colours. Black with a blue fleece lining or navy with a red lining and the HUUB logo in white. There are only two sizes, which is small/medium or large/extra large.

White Water robes come in 5 colours. Standard or arctic camo, leopard print, steel grey and black. There are three sizes: small, medium and large. It has a heat transfer reflective logo on the chest and a small reflective logo on the back.

White Water’s changing robe has far more size flexibility in sizing, fitted true to size and has several distinct designs available. The arctic camo stands out amongst the other designs, with a grey logo chest plate instead of standard black.

The HUUB sizing is terrible. The large/extra large drowned me and the length came down to my feet and at times I felt like I could trip up. 



The White Water robe’s hood is roomy and fully adjustable, with a volume hood adjuster, hook, and loop fastener. 

HUUB has a towel-lined hood to help you warm up and the same adjusters as White Water. The towel-lined hood is a nice touch for drying hair off or keeping you dry on wet days.


White Water offers a flexible two-way zip with a rubber zip puller for cold hands. The reversible slider is also great for quickly getting in and out of the robe.

HUUB thought less about those with cold hands but still offers a two-way zip for flexibility.

HUUB Changing Robe White Water Robe

white water robe
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Is The Price Worth It?

At £140, the White Water robe comes in slightly more than the HUUB changing robe (£129.99), but both are good value for money.

The White Water robe has benefited from White Water’s SWB-Tech fabric expertise, so can charge a little more than HUUB’s first foray into changing robes.

Overall, both are great robes, but I think the White Water robe offers greater value for money, even with the HUUB robe in the sale currently at £116.99.

What Sizing Should I Get?

White Water robes are meant to be an oversized fit, so getting your standard size should still give you plenty of room to change and stay warm.

HUUB’s sizing is slightly bigger, so you might want to get the next size down.


  • White Water robes offer more comfort and fast-dry capabilities than the HUUB robe.
  • While both robes are waterproof, White Water’s have specialised technology to help with evaporation and durability.
  • White Water robes have a more comprehensive range of colours, designs and styles, and the oversizing allows you to change quickly.
  • HUUB’s additional features, like a headphone port, are a nice touch, but overall, White Water robes offer superior comfort, warmth, water proofing, and moisture-wicking capabilities.

The HUUB’s first changing robe is an excellent entry into the world of robes.

White Water robes have been around for years, allowing them to develop their fabric for increased water resistance and durability. 

Whether you want to pay the extra few pounds more for the White Water robe depends on how important the qualities of the changing robe are.

If you’re looking for a decent changing robe but aren’t too worried about the design or features, the HUUB is still an excellent choice.

HUUB Changing Robe White Water Robe

white water robe
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