nike invincible 2 vs invincible 3

Invincible 2 vs Invincible 3

Nike Invincible 2 Nike Invincible 3
nike invincible 2
nike invincible 3
£100+ £169.95
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Nike Invincible 2 running shoes have won over runners with their comfortable fit and responsive foam for easy runs or recovery runs, but will the Invincible 3's live up to the expectations?

What piqued my interest is the newest addition to the the Nike Invincible 3 was the changes to the ZoomX foam, and how it compares to its predecessor, considering its complete redesign. 

But does that make the Nike Invincible 3 better or worse than Invincible 2? 

What Is the Difference Between Nike Invincible 2 and Nike Invincible 3?

The heel difference

nike invincible 2 vs invincible 3 heel difference

One of the key differences between Nike Invincible 2 and Invincible 3 is noticeable in the heel of the trainers. In the Nike Invincible 3, the heel clip feels stronger and firmer ensuring better structure and support for the heel and ankle. 

The Invincible 2 has a wider flatter clip, which, feels a bit more flexible but still keeps your rear foot locked in place. 

The clip on both trainers protects the ZoomX foam, particularly from those that don't undo there laces and use the heel of the trainers to slip them off. 

The heel of the Invincible 3 also now has heel pull tab, although I am not sure why, because they are not hard to get on.

The photo comparison is probably a little deceiving, as it makes the heel cushioning look much higher in the Invincible 3's, but in reality it is not hugely different.  

Uppers difference

nike invincible 2 vs invincible 3 uppers difference

The uppers are different when you compare the two pairs of trainers. Both shoes have Nike's "Flyknit" upper, making both versions really breathable.

I have never had a problem with my feet getting to hot in either version.

The Invincible 3's material does feel slightly harder and more protective, which I think is to improve the durability of the Flyknit material, meaning it is less likely to rip or your toes to rub through.

The laces always felt a little short in the Invincible 2's and they feel a little easier to tie up in latest version. 

Outsole difference

nike invincible 2 vs invincible 3 sole difference

The outsole on the Nike Invincible trainers is made of rubber, which provides enhanced traction and durability to protect you from slipping.

However, Nike's Invincible 3 has less rubber, in particular to the midfoot section than on the previous two versions. This does expose a very very small section of the ZoomX foam, but I suspect this was to help reduce the weight of the trainer.

Both trainers have small nubs protruding from the rubber and although I would not use them for wet trail or muddy runs, I have never had a problem with grip on wet roads or paths and have used them on dry trail runs without a problem.

The midsole difference

nike invincible 2 vs invincible 3 left view

nike invincible 2 vs invincible 3 right view

The first thing you will notice between the two pairs of trainers is that they have obvious design differences in the foam.

The Nike Invincible 2 running shoe adopted the style of the first Invincible, which included a thick rubber ring of soft ZoomX foam around the midsole, which is what gave you that lovely cushioned bouncy feeling that so many people loved. 

The midsole foam of Invincible 3 is more carefully positioned than in the Invincible 2. The pattern in the foam is also no longer present.

Underfoot, the Invincible 3's somewhat more ZoomX foam is not particularly noticeable and if I am honest this is the part I am most disappointed with. It actually feels less bouncy than the previous models.

Instead of continuing to keep the foam soft and higher as they did with the Invincible 2, Nike went a different route. Nike made the Invincible 3 with a firmer foam, which gives you more stability but less bounce. 

The weight difference

The Nike Invincible 3 is about an 20 grams heavier than the Invincible 2.

To be honest, when you have 1 of each on your feet, you really can't feel the difference. 

Nike Invincible 2 Nike Invincible 3
nike invincible 2
nike invincible 3
£100+ £169.95
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How Long Do They Last?

nike invincible 2 durability issues

As much as I loved the Nike Invincible 2, the biggest complaint was always the durability. On both pairs that I owned, the ZoomX foam either lost small chunks or broke down and the sole came away from the shoe (see photo above). As annoying as this was, because they were such good trainers and you just accepted they wouldn't last as long as other trainers. 

Admittedly, because the ZoomX foam cushioning was so good at taking impact, I did use them in the gym and for circuit training, which, ultimately is not what they were designed for, so they would more than likely last longer if you just used them for easy recovery runs. 

However, I suspect the changes to ZoomX foam in the Invincible 3, are primarily because of the amount of complaints or returns Nike had for the Invincible 2 and the firmer foam and tougher material in the latest version means they will be a lot more durable. 

Are They Difficult to Get On?

Both Invincible 2 and 3 are pretty easy to get on and off. The Invincible 3 trainers does now have a reflective heel pull tab, making it easier to pull them on and off your feet. 

Even though the Invincible 2 trainers do not have a reflective pull tab I never found putting them on or slipping them off your feet difficult.

Is the Price Worth It?

The Nike Invincible 3 trainers retail at £169.95, while the Invincible 2 trainers are currently around £100 in the sales if you can find them.

I always loved the Invincible 2 but always thought it was not worth the full retail price due to there durability issues, but I was happy enough to buy them in the sales. 

Having paid the full £169.95 for the Invincible 3, whilst these upgrades will make the trainer a lot more durable than the previous version, I wouldn't pay the full price for future pairs, as I don't find them as fun or enjoyable to run in. 


There are some significant differences between the previous versions and the new Invincible 3 trainers. 

The bounce of the Invincible 1 and 2 versions is reduced by the newer shoe's  increased stability. Even though you are still running on the same cushioned foam, the arch support and the stronger upper give the shoe a little more protective sense.

Depending on your running style, this may or may not be a good thing. If you enjoyed the feel of the Invincible's first two versions but thought they were a little unstable, you will prefer the Invincible 3. 

If like me you loved that soft bouncy feeling the Nike Invincible 2 gave you making your runs feel fun, your probably feel a little disappointed.  

Where To Buy

Nike Invincible 2 Nike Invincible 3
nike invincible 2
nike invincible 3
£100+ £169.95
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If you have any questions you would like to ask about either of the Nike Invincible trainers, please ask below in the comments.


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