balega socks review

Balega Socks Review

Introduction to Balega Socks

Launched in 2003, and providing a wide range of running socks that are great for athletes in all disciplines, Balega Socks prove to be fantastic for cross country, mud runs, and obstacle running alike. Whatever your needs, Balega socks are designed to provide comfort while you run, while aiding your performance. 

Balega Socks are a proud American and South African company whose varied global origins influence who they are and how the business is run. Their international roots allow them to gain access to the best materials in order to make great running socks. 

With a mission that sets out to provide value for retailers who sell their products, and, in turn, the running community that use the socks. The company aims to operate within the spirit of Ubuntu, which is an  African philosophy encompassing humanity and compassion. 

The Balega Sock company operate out of Hickory, North Carolina, and Cape Town, in South Africa. They employ over three hundred people and have a great focus on empowering and developing their staff.

All of the socks produced by Balega are inspected by hand by their quality control team and are pre-washed before they are packed. Their socks utilise the very best in sock technology and design in order to produce a product that enhances your run.

 Balega Hidden Comfort Socks

Price - £11 | Buy From Amazon

balega socks hidden comfort

Using Balega’s proprietary blend of synthetics, Drynamix, the Hidden Comfort socks keep your feet dry inside your running shoes.

They help wick away moisture and speed up the evaporation process. There are meshed areas that allow greater airflow through the socks meaning your feet can breathe better. 

With plush underside and cushioning as well as reinforced toes and heels, you will get the support and protection where you most need it.


  • Mesh areas help your feet breathe
  • Cushioning on toes, heels and plush underside for comfort and support
  • Drynamix helps wick away moisture helping your feet stay dry


  • The overall weight of the socks is not the lightest available
  • Does not have the full impact support
  • May not be the best design for long distance running



 Balega Enduro Socks

Price - £14 | Buy From Amazon

balega socks enduro

When running the distance, you need a sock that will help you to get the best out of your body. This means support in the right areas while ensuring your foot is able to be kept cool and dry. Distance running can have an impact on your feet. Without the right cushioning, this can cause discomfort for your feet over time. 

Balega’s Enduro Socks are designed to help you run longer. The contours of your foot are met with the V-Tech Arch Support System while the Drynamix moisture-wicking fibres will ensure that your feet are kept dry while you are running. This prevents your feet from developing health issues associated with prolonged exposure to moisture and microbes. 

The Enduro Socks range are designed to stay in place on your feet so you won’t have to worry about your socks slipping down during a run.


  • Designed to provide arch support and protection where you need it
  • Keeps feet both cool and dry meaning your feet will be healthier and more comfortable
  • Prevents problems associated with moisture on the feet such as fungal infections


  • Not as lightweight as other socks
  • Less blister care and support than other socks from Balega



 Balega Blister Resist Socks

Price - £15 | Buy From Amazon


balega socks blister resist

When friction between your feet and socks or shoes causes blisters, it can be a real hindrance and source of pain and discomfort for runners. In order to minimise the risk of blisters, you can use Balega Blister Resist Socks.  

Using Drynamix blended with mohair wool, the Balega Blister Resist Socks create a barrier that goes between your feet and your shoes that is specially designed to prevent blisters from forming.

The materials that the socks are made from are also great for helping to regulate the temperature of your feet by keeping them warm during runs in the winter months and cooler when running during the summer heat.


  • The blend of Drynamix and mohair wool creates an anti-blister barrier between your shoe and your foot
  • The material used helps you to keep your feet warm during the winter, and cool in the summer


  • Less impact support than other socks in the range
  • Materials are not as fine as on other socks



 Balega Ultra Light Socks

Price - £12.50 | Buy From Amazon

balega socks ultra light

Comfort is everything when it comes to finding the right running socks, and the last thing that you want is heavy socks hindering your agility.

The Balega Ultra Light Socks are hi-performance socks made from ultra-fine yarns using a high needle count knitting machine.

This results in the lightest running sock which is available while still ensuring the right protection is in place to take care of your feet.


  • The lightest running sock available
  • Reinforced heel and toes designed to reduce any chance of friction
  • Potential for improved performance due to the weight of the socks


  • Material may feel to thin for some runners
  • Socks do not offer the same level of support as others and may be less suitable for longer runs
  • Less blister prevention support in comparison with other designs which are available



 Balega Ultraglide Socks

Price - £14 | Buy From Amazon

balega socks ultraglide

The Belega ultra glide socks provide friction-free running. They are available for both men and women and are well suited to runners who are prone to skin irritation and hot spots where blisters may form.

Using Beluga's proprietary dynamic poly blend fibre, coupled with a special blend of friction-free nylon yarn and a textile lubricant to reduce heat and chafing, the Ultraglide socks provide comfort and performance for any runners.

The well constructed Ultraglide socks have targeted cushioning across the top which will reduce the pressure from the laces on your running shoes, and there are also reinforced areas on the heel and the toes to ensure comfort and durability where you need them the most.

The Balega Ultraglide socks have arch support and flat-knit structure that are designed to keep the socks firmly in place. They also have ventilation panelling that allows your feet to breathe. Cushioning is also in place to make sure that you are able to take the impact of a long-distance run.


  • Friction-free materials which are designed to prevent blisters or skin irritation
  • Cushioning in the areas that you need to protect your feet the most, such as the heels, toes, and under the laces of your running shoes
  • Arch support to help with performances when running for endurance


  • Not as lightweight as other socks
  • Less blister care and support than other products from this manufacturer
  • Less support for endurance and impact than on other Balega socks



 Balega Silver Socks

Price - £8 | Buy From Amazon

balega socks silver

One of the problems that runners face is a build-up in sweat, odour, and microbes around the feet. Wearing socks that do not breathe well or work to minimise the perspiration around your feet can lead to infections which can be uncomfortable for runners. The Balega Silver Socks deal with this problem in a very effective manner.

The Balega Silver Socks use a Silver technology. Your feet are surrounded with gentle silver chloride ions which are infused into the yarn of the sock. This will help to keep your feet odour-free through the sock’s anti-microbial properties. As a result, your feet will be healthier.


  • Silver chloride ions infuse yarn to keep your feet odour-free
  • Protects feet from fungal infections
  • Greater comfort


  • Less support than other socks in balega range
  • Not as lights as some socks
  • Less blister support than in other socks from the Balega range



What Size Are Balega Socks?

Balega Socks are available for men, women, and in unisex. You can buy the socks in small, medium, and large, however, availability may vary depending on the specific socks you are looking to buy from the Balega running sock ranges. 

Where To Buy Balega Socks?

Balega Socks are an international brand, and it is possible to buy their high-quality socks from many places. We have selected a range of their finest socks here which will cover a variety of different running needs. 

Where Are Balega Socks Made?

Balega are based in the United States and South Africa. They produce their socks between two locations, Hickory, North Carolina, and Cape Town in South Africa. 

What Are Balega Socks Made From?

Balega uses its international spread to source the very best materials in order to make the highest quality running socks. 

Balega socks are made using the best extra-fine yarn on high needle count machines. These are hand-linked for a fully seamless design. All of Balaga’s socks are inspected by hand by their quality inspectors and they all come with a year’s manufacturing warranty. 

How To Wash Balega Socks

In order to keep your Balega socks in the very best possible condition, it is important to wash and dry them before runs. This will ensure they are free of bacteria and microbes which may cause problems such as fungal infections.  

To wash your Balega socks, machine wash them at a warm temperature setting. Do not use fabric conditioner or bleach, and tumble dry using a low setting.  Do not dry clean.


Balega have created a selection of well designed socks which will enhance the running experience for many.

Whether you are looking for socks that provide high-endurance, greater impact, blister protection, a lighter sock for greater agility, or are looking for protection from fungal infections brought on through moisture, Balega have solved many of the problems that runners face with their elegantly designed, and well-made socks.

With the highest-quality production, and with every sock inspected, we believe Balega socks to be a great quality investment for any runner. 


If you have any questions you would like to ask about the Balega running socks, please ask below in the comments.


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Hi Judy, I think I would go for size medium personally. My favourite is the blister resist sock.


Question if I wear a men’s 9 shoe what size sock should I get? Which sock is best for hiking in shoes and hiking boots?


Hi Baruch, thanks for asking. This would typically be 30 degrees.


what temperature set (30,40…60 dgrees ) is “warm temperature setting”

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