Dryrobe Compression Bag Review

Dryrobe Compression Bag Review

 Dryrobe Compression Bag
dryrobe compression bag
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Of course, a Dryrobe Compression Bag isn’t really going to be of much use to you unless you a Dryrobe, but if you do decide to invest in any of them, this can serve as the perfect accessory!

Dryrobes can be a little bulky to carry around. The Dryrobe Compression Bag provides the ultimate solution to this problem. All you have to do is put your Dryrobe into the bag and then roll over the top.

Next, clip the top in place, undo the valve and kneel on the bag to squash any excess air out. Finally, pull the compression straps on the bag tight and reseal the valve.

You’ll find that you’ve really compressed your Dryrobe and have a much simpler means of carrying it around. If you’re travelling anywhere where you might use your Dryrobe, this will help to save a lot of space in your suitcase, your bag, or your vehicle.

On top of this, you needn’t worry about getting your Dryrobe wet while it’s inside the bag. Like other Dryrobe products, the Dryrobe Compression Bag is completely water resistant and it also has sealed seams to really keep any moisture out.

This will also put your mind at rest, as you needn’t worry about your Dryrobe getting muddy either.


  • Water and mud resistant
  • Great for taking your Dryrobe travelling
  • 30L capacity


  • Relatively costly for an accessory

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