jtx sprint 5 treadmill review

JTX Sprint 5 Treadmill Review

JTX Sprint 5 Treadmill
jtx sprint 5 treadmill

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One of the most popular companies known for producing and selling treadmills is JTX. This brand focuses on manufacturing exercise machines that are simple to use. On top of that, their prices are reasonable and suitable for anyone’s budget.

Many people nowadays have found ways to exercise from home instead of going to the gym. Not only does this practice save time, but it also gives you a boost of confidence and some privacy. You don’t have to worry about what you are wearing or if someone else can hear your music.

Treadmills that are characterized as having a compact size are the most convenient for home usage. A treadmill deemed as being extremely easy to use is the JTX Sprint 5 Treadmill. By adjusting its provided features to your liking, you will be able to efficiently achieve your goals.

JTX Sprint 5 Treadmill Review

The JTX Sprint 5 Treadmill has the ability to withstand any workout intensity. Whether you want to run slowly or extremely fast, this treadmill will give you the opportunity to customize your running technique and routine.

Even though this treadmill is not necessarily used in professional fitness centers, that doesn’t mean that its features are not impressive. For a home-friendly exercise machine, this treadmill offers advanced and modern characteristics aimed to satisfy many people’s needs.

In order to ensure proper usage and assemblage, the company JTX will send you a premade guide on what to do as soon as you receive the treadmill. The instructions are not complicated to follow. By buying this treadmill, every family member will enjoy their running experience.

The console, screen & sound

jtx sprint 5 treadmill dashboard and screen with zwift

The console of this treadmill is very small. The screen is used for controlling how much time you spend running, the number of calories you are burning, and your running speed.

You will also have a chance to track your incline with the help of the console as well as maintain your pulse. It also includes built-in speakers for listening to your favorite songs.

This treadmill doesn’t make loud sounds while you are running. This is one of the reasons why it is perfect for home use - you will not cause disturbance to other family members or neighbors!

Design & construction

The running area of this treadmill is spacious and well-cushioned. It is designed in this way to provide comfort for the runner during the performance of their daily exercise.

The frame of JTX Sprint 5 Treadmill is made out of steel which provides exceptional durability to the machine. It can be used repeatedly every day without its quality decreasing at any point.

The handlebars are easily accessible, constructed to provide stability for the user. This treadmill has a powerful yet silent motor, which is a rare characteristic of such running machines.

Training programs

Various different training programs are included in this treadmill. You can customize three programs for training based on your personal preferences when it comes to running. Also, there are more than 40 training programs included, which are designed to push the limits of any user.


One of the most admirable characteristics that this treadmill offers is the possibility of connecting to free apps. The JTX Sprint 5 Treadmill is compatible with fitness apps such as iFit, Zwift and Kinomap.

Additional apps that can be used with this treadmill without paying a dime, include Nike and Peloton. You will have a chance to connect via Bluetooth on your Android or Apple devices with no restrictions.


What makes this treadmill suitable for home usage is its foldability feature. When you decide that you want to take a break from running for a while, you can place the treadmill in storage.

It is also easily movable due to its incorporated wheels, so you won’t have to physically pick it up in order to transport it to another space in your home.

Whether you are trying to simply maintain your weight or enhance your running potential, a very useful feature of the JTX Sprint 5 Treadmill is its heart rate tracker.

The sensors for tracking your pulse, as well as the chest strap used for controlling your heart rate, can be connected through Bluetooth on your devices.

This system of heart rate tracking is often referred to as being Polar. These systems include a new advanced technology that helps you maintain your running pace and cardio exercise routine.

Another very useful feature of the JTX Sprint 5 Treadmill is its computer-generated system. This system helps users adjust their incline and speed depending on their personal needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

jtx sprint 5 folding treadmill

What is the weight of the JTX Sprint 5 Treadmill?

The JTX Sprint 5 Treadmill weighs 78 kilograms. Although it is not particularly very heavy, instead of lifting the treadmill, you can use its wheels to move it around your house.

Is this treadmill difficult to assemble?

Every treadmill from the company JTX comes with a manual containing clear instructions on how to assemble the machine. This is also the case with the JTX Sprint 5 Treadmill machine. Its assembly will only take half an hour or 45 minutes of your time.

Does it come with a running belt?

If you want to use a belt for running while using this treadmill, there is one included. The Black Diamond Running Belt is powered by the motor of the treadmill. It is used to ensure user safety and proper posture during running.

What if the treadmill gets damaged?

If your JTX Sprint 5 Treadmill gets some sort of damage within the first two years of having it, you can inform JTX customer service. They will send a repair team to your home and fix the problems for you for no additional fees.


POWER 2.5 Horse Power Motor
TOP SPEED 18kmph
HEART RATE MONITOR Via hand pulse sensors or you can use a polar heart rate chest strap
SCREEN DISPLAY Time, Pulse, Speed, Incline, Distance and Calories burnt.
ZWIFT COMPATIBLE Upgrade available
SIZE 83 Width x 174 Length x 157 Height
FOLDED SIZE 83 Width  x 114 Length x 157 Height


If you are contemplating whether exercising at home can be as efficient as going to the gym, we advise you to try the JTX Sprint 5 Treadmill.

It has uncomplicated yet modernized features. In addition, the classic and practical design of this treadmill will ensure effective running sessions without even having to leave your house.

JTX Sprint 5 JTX Sprint 7 JTX Sprint 9
jtx sprint 5 jtx sprint 7 treadmill jtx sprint 9
£899 £975 £1499
Buy From JTX Fitness Buy From JTX Fitness Buy From JTX Fitness


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