jtx sprint 7 review

JTX Sprint 7 Treadmill Review

 JTX Sprint 7 Treadmill
jtx sprint 7 treadmill review
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The JTX Sprint 7 is a motorised treadmill designed for home use. It has the features expected from a modern home treadmill, such as speed and incline control, pre-programmed workouts, and heart rate monitoring.

However, the JTX Sprint 7 also includes several unique features not previously seen in other treadmills that set it apart from the competition. 

This review will explore these features in detail and explain why the JTX Sprint 7 is a great choice for the home fitness enthusiast.

The Console, Screen & Sound

jtx sprint 7 screen

The console of the JTX Sprint 7 is easy to operate and contains all the information you need when working out.

This console has a large 5-inch extra-wide LCD screen that displays an array of information on your workout, including time, distance, calories burned, and speed.

There are three preset profiles with up to 16 adjustable speed levels, so you can tailor the intensity of your workout depending on how hard you want to push yourself.

You can also program in your profile or select from one of nine preloaded running programs. The console's main feature is its Bluetooth compatibility, which allows you to connect wirelessly with compatible fitness tracking apps such as JTX, MyZone and Strava. This means that you can track not only your progress but also set personal goals and virtual access challenges set by other users.

The console also has built-in speakers to listen to your favourite music while running. If you prefer to stay connected, you can connect your Bluetooth device and listen to music or an audiobook while running. There is also a built-in USB port to charge your device while running.

Design & Construction

The JTX Sprint 7 is a well-constructed treadmill made with quality materials that will stand up to regular use. It has a stable steel frame and an adjustable speed range from 0-20 km/h, which can easily be adjusted by pressing the arrow keys on the console.

The handrails are ergonomically shaped for comfort and support when running at higher speeds or inclines. The weight capacity of this machine is 150kg, perfect for heavier users.

You can also expect a smooth ride on this machine thanks to the 4.5 HP motor and heavy-duty belt system. In addition, the advanced shock absorption system ensures a comfortable workout, while the durable construction is designed to withstand continuous use with minimal maintenance required.

Training Programs

Yes, the JTX Sprint 7 Motorised Home Treadmill comes with pre-built programs that provide a variety of options for both experienced and beginner runners.

There are also customisable programs available to tailor your workouts as needed.


The JTX Sprint7 Motorised Home Treadmill is compatible with a variety of apps including Zwift, Kinomap and iFit, allowing you to customize your workout experience.

Additionally, the treadmill can also be connected to a wide range of fitness trackers through both Bluetooth and ANT+ connections.


The JTX Sprint 7 also includes several safety features to keep users safe during their workouts. The treadmill features a built-in safety key that can be used to stop the treadmill in an emergency.

There is also an incline/decline control, allowing users to adjust the speed and incline of their run easily. Additionally, the JTX Sprint 7 offers an adjustable cushioning system that reduces the impact on joints and helps prevent injuries. The cushioning system has four adjustable levels, from soft to hard, so you can find the perfect level for your running needs.

The treadmill’s safety features not only make it safer for users but also make it easier to use as well. Its large LCD display makes tracking your progress easy, while its built-in programs provide even more motivation to reach your fitness goals.

The JTX Sprint 7 has preset programs for both beginners and experienced users and customizable programs tailored to the user’s needs. With these features, you can get the most out of your workout while staying safe and comfortable.

In addition to its safety features, the JTX Sprint 7 also offers a variety of convenience features. Its folding design allows you to easily store it away when not in use, which is particularly convenient for those living in smaller spaces.

Additionally, the treadmill’s robust construction makes it durable and long-lasting, so you can rest assured that your purchase will last for years to come. Furthermore, its powerful motor provides a smooth running experience even at higher speeds, ensuring users get the most out of their workouts.

FAQ About The JTX Sprint 7 Treadmill

What Is The Maximum Speed?

The JTX Sprint 7 Motorised Home Treadmill can reach a maximum speed of 20km/h. This gives users plenty of options to choose from, allowing you to work out at your own pace.

Does It Have Heart Rate Monitor?

The JTX Sprint 7 Motorised Home Treadmill includes a heart rate monitor. The heart rate monitor enables you to accurately track your workout intensity and progress by accurately measuring your pulse.

Once the pulse is detected, it is wirelessly transmitted to a wrist strap or handlebar console that can be connected to other Bluetooth devices, such as smartphones or tablets. This allows users to measure their maximum heart rate and determine if they are achieving their fitness goals.

In addition, the built-in heart rate monitor also helps users select an appropriate speed for their specific exercise needs, either through manual selection or automatic detection of user’s current speed level. The treadmill automatically adjusts its inclination according to the selected speed setting that best suits the user’s needs.

Does It Have A Phone Holder?

Yes, it has 2 large spaces either side of the speakers and fan.

These are both large enough to put your phone, keys or drink.  

Is It Foldable?

jtx sprint 7 foldable treadmill

Yes, the JTX Sprint7 Motorised Home Treadmill is designed with a folding feature. This makes it easy to store away when not in use, especially for those living in smaller spaces.

What Is The Weight & Treadmill Dimensions?

The JTX Sprint7 Motorised Home Treadmill has a total weight of 85kg and dimensions of 180cm x 80cm (length x width). This makes it an ideal size for both home and commercial use.


POWER 3 Horse Power Motor
TOP SPEED 20 kmph
PROGRAMS 43 including responsive heart rate training
HEART RATE MONITOR Via hand pulse sensors or you can use a polar heart rate chest strap
SCREEN DISPLAY Time, Pulse, Speed, Incline, Distance and Calories burnt.
SIZE 84 Width x 180 Length x 159 Height
FOLDED SIZE 88 Width  x 120 Length x 159 Height


The JTX Sprint 7 Motorised Home Treadmill is a great choice for those looking to get in shape, as it offers various convenience and safety features.

With its adjustable cushioning system, pre-built programs and compatibility with fitness apps and trackers, the JTX Sprint 7 treadmill ensures users get the most out of their workouts.

JTX Sprint 5 JTX Sprint 7 JTX Sprint 9
jtx sprint 5 jtx sprint 7 treadmill jtx sprint 9
£875 £975 £1499
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