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10 Questions With Kim Ingleby

Kim Ingleby is Mind Body Performance Coach, founder of Energised Performance, TEDx Speaker and Author.

kim ingleby

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1 - When Did You Start Running?

Running around the farm as a child I loved, exploring and getting covered in mud. However, actual running came mid teens and I really didn't enjoy it! Always bright red in face, sweaty, exercise induced asthma and generally a kind of marmite relationship with it. Loving the outdoors and nature, hating the short term sweaty state! So I preferred to ride horses..... and ended up moving from Scotland to the Cotswolds to ride at a yard.

One evening, we all decided we would do the New York Marathon for an off season adventure. With no clue, I started running loops near the yard, quickly developed chronic shin splints, dragged myself around the marathon and didn't run again for about 3 years.

I started again when I began triathlons and enjoyed the 10km off road distance and cross country runs, the muddier the better (a theme here!).

From there I ran the Amsterdam Half and London Marathon for charity, again, with shin splints, cysts on my knees and nerves.... however after this, qualifying in personal training, run coaching, sports therapy and mindset let me to officially 'start' running...... in my early 30's.

2 - What Is Your Favourite Race?

I have been lucky to have so many amazing race experiences, it's hard to choose so I'll share a few. UK, Purbeck Marathon for the stunning views (if you are lucky to get a good day) and the reward of finishing after an incredibly challenging route.

Abroad, charity volunteering with a race - Sierra Leone Marathon & Impact Marathon Nepal, life changing experiences. Longer routes, Romanian Bear Mini Ultra (no longer available) and The Himalayan India 100 Mile Race.

3 - What Motivates You To Run?

Running for me is my headspace, it's a freedom I am grateful for - to clear stresses, create ideas, be present, switch off, whatever I need. To step outside the door and go explore, wild routes, cities, mountains and trails.

I have met amazing people through running, explored wonderful routes near and far, raised money for charity, laughed, cried and loved every experience!

Running is a challenge, a commitment to yourself, each goal brings a different experience to navigate and it is something for so many of us globally.

4 - What Is Your Favourite Go To Session?

Trails, hilly, varied scenery, tempo pace. Perhaps not the most technical session but I love it, returning for a light core and stretch session to some music.

5 - Are You Currently Working Towards A Race Or Have A Goal In Mind?

I have a little run notebook which is filled with race ideas & hopes, Kazakhstan Marathon, Vietnam Mountain Marathon, Impact Jordan & Guatamala Marathons & Charity Work.

UK based, Beachy Head, Inverness, Jurassic Coast, Man v Horse..... love to know everyone's ideas too!

Currently though I'm working on returning to be able to run following some heart considerations. It's made me really value and appreciate walking, climbing hills & making the most of all that is possible.

There are some brilliant walking challenges with MacMillan, the Mighty Hikes which I may do first.

6 - What Is Your Favourite Race That You Look Forward To Every Year?

I really love the autumn winter off road 10km trail races, the variety and challenge of the terrain.

7 - If You Could Only Choose One Pair Of Trainers To Train In, What Is Your Weapon Of Choice?

Mizuno Wave Riders, they settled the shin splints all those years ago and are my go to shoe always.

8 - Are You A Fan Of Super Shoes For Racing?

Generally I run in Wave Riders whatever the race or distance as I'm not super speedy.

When I was racing Age Group Triathlon and Aquathlon for Team GB, I wore Mizuno Emporer Racers and I did run quick in them.

9 - One Tip Every Runner Should Know About?

Remember why you run, what you love about it & if you race, you will have done the very best you could have done that day.

Recovery/good rest & stretching is part of training and really can make the difference.

10 - One Running Product You Couldn’t Live Without?

Good fitting sports bra and hydration tablets.

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You follow Kim's progress on her Instagram, find out more about her coaching by visiting her website or buy her book The Hounds Of Happiness - 52 Tips To Feel Good.

You can also catch her speak at the Bristol Running Show and you can watch Kim's TedX video below:

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