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10 Questions With Lewis-Gamble Thompson

Lewis Gamble-Thompson is a distance runner from the North-East of England who runs for New Marske Harriers. 

lewis gamble-thompson

1 - When Did You Start Running?

I started running from as long as I can remember really, my first 'Race' which was a fun run, was at the age of five, I ran round with my Grandad and Dad, who were both excellent runners in their own right.

Over time I started to complete in sports days and then at local schools level, before going onto county level and then running in national events representing the county.

Running is all I have ever known really and the main sport I have always been good at, I dabbled at lots of other sports, but it was running that I was most competitive at.

2 - What Is Your Favourite Race?

Being a runner that runs distances from 3km all the way up to marathon, it is quite hard to pinpoint a particular race distance that you enjoy the most. Nobody is going to say a marathon, but also a 5km can hurt just as much, running at such speeds.

I would have to say the half marathon is my favourite race distance, as it is a distance you can really get into a rhythm of running and bide your time in a race, the Brass Monkey half marathon which I ran 65:32, in York this year is probably my best run to date and put me on the map as being in that next bracket of runner, so that is still fresh in the memory.

3 - What Motivates You To Run?

I have several motivations for running, that have changed over time. When I was younger it was about enjoyment and the social aspect as well as the competitive element and something I was good at.

Now as I am older I am more motivated to improve further and push myself as far as I can get, coming up to the Vet age of 35 I would like to achieve my dream of an England vest and a national title.

I'm motivated to get quicker all the time and jump up the national rankings, also as my two children get older making them proud and have a Dad as a runner who can be successful.

4 - What Is Your Favourite Go To Session?

My favourite session is a favourite of Kipchoge, usually I would do 10 miles worth, of 1 minute on and 1 minute off.

The reason I love the session so much is it works so many different components and is also a run to feel, so you aren't obsessed with the pace you are running at, like you are with intervals.

The quick minutes work on the speed element, but as the minute off is still quite a bit quicker than your steady jog, you aren't fully recovering, so you are building speed endurance as well as speed, I love the session as there is less pressure on hitting particular splits and makes it a lot more fun to do.

5 - Are You Currently Working Towards A Race Or Have A Goal In Mind?

My big goal is London Marathon in October 2022, I have completed 3 marathon's before, the first two were a bit of a disaster, for me anyway, 2:58 and 2:40 when both times I was going for sub 2:26, my last one was last October in Manchester 2:25, I was aiming for sub 2:22.

I think I learnt a lot from the last marathon block and aren't far away, but after a 65:32 half I feel a sub 2:18 marathon is in there, if I get my training right, so I'll be working back from that race, currently building my speed over 5k/10k and then will look to build up to the marathon from June/July onwards.

6 - What Is Your Favourite Race That You Look Forward To Every Year?

Podium 5k which is held in Barrowford, in April of each year. It has become a huge event and the standard of racing is superb, on a cycle track type course, it is completely flat and very fast.

I ran there in 2021 and ran 14:24 and won the B race, which had a female world record from Beth Potter in the same race, so the race has legendary status, I then went back this year and once again ran 14:24 coming 8th in the A race.

It is a fantastic no pressure race where everyone goes knowing it will be a fast and honest race with no frills and top competition.

7 - If You Could Only Choose One Pair Of Trainers To Train In, What Is Your Weapon Of Choice?

The shoe I swear by to train in is Nike Pegasus, my Dad used to wear Pegasus back in the day and I also love them.

They have a great amount of cushioning, feel so comfortable, are light and responsive, any model going whether it is 37 or 38, I love them all.

Whether it's a 5 mile easy, 18 mile long run or a speed session, I wear the Pegasus for all of my training, bar races, one shoe that ticks every box for me.

8 - Are You A Fan Of Super Shoes For Racing?

Absolutely, who wouldn't in my eyes. I have worn the Nike Vaporfly's to race in for over two years now, I also say with these shoes, they don't make you run quicker, they make you run quicker for longer, your legs fatigue less, during the race and recover quicker after.

Vaporfly's are what I use for anything under 10 miles and I started to use Alphafly's this year for anything 10 miles or longer, I feel the Alphafly's aren't ideal for the shorter distances but are fantastic over longer distances, they really come into their own the further you go.

My only gripe is my Achilles does flare up somewhat after using the Vaporfly's and I have to ice it and manage it for a few days after, but worth it for the feeling they give you.

9 - One Tip Every Runner Should Know About?

Listen to your body and don't be afraid to cut sessions short, slow runs down and do whatever it takes to fully recover.

With the Strava generation now, too many people are afraid to run their 'Recovery runs' too slow for how it will look to other people, at the end of the day all that matters is race day, how you get there and that process doesn't matter to anyone else but yourself

How slow should you run in recovery? However slow your body needs you to. Of course if you cut every session short, this would be counter productive, but don't bury yourself in every session, the majority of sessions should be a 7 or 8 out of 10 in effort, the line to remember for the majority of sessions 'Always have one more rep in the tank', never take one sessions in isolation, it's all about the block, not just one session.

10 - One Running Product You Couldn’t Live Without?

My massage gun, unfortunately I'm not 21 anymore and on 60/70 miles a week, the muscles do ache more then they used to.

Massage guns at around 30/50 pound are great for recovery and loosing off the muscles after a hard session or run, I use mine most days and anytime I do forget I can tell the difference the next day, recovery is key with running and since using a massage gun it has made a hue difference to myself and my running overall.

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