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10 Questions With Michael Adeniran

Michael Adeniran is an OCR and race addict. His a normal guy trying to stay in good shape and most importantly enjoy his fitness along the way. He loves a challenge and is always looking to push himself. 

michael Adeniran

1 - When Did You Start Running?

I have ran here and there since being in college (treadmill mostly) but I would say I consistently started running in 2015.

I used to be very focused on going to the gym and lifting weights but doing my first obstacle race changed that.

2 - What Is Your Favourite Race?

It has to be Spartan Race! Running, obstacles, grit, challenge, friends….what more could you want from a race!

3 - What Motivates You To Run?

Getting better and better all the time. There is a never ending level of improvement you can gain and I love that. Whether that is speed, duration or distance, you can always improve.

4 - What Is Your Favourite Go To Session?

A long run. I love going out for a few hours and exploring the city or the trails with a relaxed long run.

5 - Are You Currently Working Towards A Race Or Have A Goal In Mind?

I am currently working towards my A race, which is the Outlaw Half 70.3 in Nottingham. So working on my swimming, cycling and my running at the same time!

6 - What Is Your Favourite Race That You Look Forward To Every Year?

Usually the Spartan race season opener or (if I get in) the London marathon! That’s always amazing even if you are doing it virtually. The support is amazing!

7 - If You Could Only Choose One Pair Of Trainers To Train In, What Is Your Weapon Of Choice?

My current “weapon of choice” would be the Under Armour flow VELOCITI 2! Comfy, fast and great from your track sessions to your long runs!

8 - Are You A Fan Of Super Shoes For Racing?

I’ve never used a super shoe but am a firm believer that the shoe doesn’t make the athlete, the athlete makes the shoe!

9 - One Tip Every Runner Should Know About?

Run your own race! Every journey is personal and different so focus on improving yourself and not comparing yourself to others.

10 - One Running Product You Couldn’t Live Without?

My Jaybird Vista 2 headphones! I can’t run without music and they are my day to day running companion!!

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You can follow Michael on Instagram, Tik Tok and Twitter and be sure to check out his website The Urban Challenger to keep up to date with his latest challenges.

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