soar running windbreaker jacket review

Soar Running Windbreaker Jacket Review

Soar Running Windbreaker Jacket
soar running windbreaker jacket
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The Soar Running Windbreaker Jacket is a close fitting windproof jacket that offers protection for windy, chilly runs.


    soar running windbreaker jacket front view

    • Brush Lined - A plush liner fabric to allow next-to-skin wearability and improve insulation
    • Pocket Zip - It is little hard to get to but it is large enough to fit my iPhone 13 Pro and a few gels.
    • Laser cut and bonded construction - A efficient design that optimises freedom of movement whilst in the running motion.
    • Wind Breaking - Protection from blustery, chilly conditions maintaining on-run warmth.
    • Reflective - Has great visibility with reflective trims, logo and seams. 

    Size Guide

    soar running windbreaker jacket back back view

    The Windbreaker is a close fitting garment to be worn either direct-to-the-skin or over a thin base layer.

    I did size up from a XL to XXL but afterwards wished I had probably been a bit braver and stuck with the XL. 


    soar running windbreaker jacket with reflective trim on front

    The Soar Running Windbreaker Jacket is currently available in 5 different colours for men:

    • Black
    • Orange
    • Shadow
    • Yellow
    • Grey

    I am wearing the Orange edition in the photos partnered with the Soar Running Fast Cargo tights.

    The Soar Running Windbreaker Jacket is now available in 2 different colours for women:

    • Black
    • Orange

    What Is It Made Of?

    soar running windbreaker jacket with waist toggle

    • 85% Nylon/Polyamid (PA)
    • 15% Elastane (EL)


    Is it expensive? £170 for a wind resistant jacket is on the upper end of prices but as with all Soar Running products, it is hard to compare to standard wind resistant jackets due to the high quality of the materials used. 

    This jacket will out last the cheaper materials used by its competitors and the price reflects that.


    soar running windbreaker jacket arm sleeves

    This jacket is perfect for mild weather conditions where you just want a bit of protection from the wind and cold. 

    It is so hard to get high quality jackets in bright colours so I applaud the bright orange colour making you easy to be seen with reflective trims.  

    It partners perfectly with the Soar Running Long Sleeve Merino Base Layer Top underneath or I even used a few times before it got cold on its own.   

    Where To Buy

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    If you have any questions you would like to ask about the Soar Running Windbreaker Jacket, please ask below in the comments.


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    * PLEASE NOTE: I was gifted this jacket by Soar Running to give a honest review.

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    Hi Alex, yes I have worn a base layer under the windbreaker and it was warm and breathable. I only own long sleeve base layers, so cant comment on short sleeve base layers. Before it turned cold in the UK I did also wear the windbreaker on its own and it is breathable and soft on the skin. Its just not great for rain but then thats not what it was designed for. It is a fantastic bit of kit.


    Hi! Did you try wearing a baselayer under the windbreaker? If so, how hot / breathable was this combination? Did it make a difference if the baselayer was long or short sleeved? Thanks!


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