nike ultrafly review

Nike Ultrafly Review

Nike Ultrafly Trail Shoes
nike ultrafly shoes
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PLEASE NOTE: I paid for the Nike Ultrafly trainers myself and was not gifted these trainers or paid by Nike to give a honest review. This page contains affiliate links. Making a purchase via our affiliate link means I may receive a small share of the sale.

The Nike Ultrafly is Nike's inaugural trail shoe featuring a carbon plate and Vibram sole. Designed specifically for trail racing, it incorporates the finest speed components from Nike's road running shoes to ensure you secure your victory at the finish line.

While some may have expected these shoes to have the same bounce and reactivity as the Vaporfly but with superior grip, they may find themselves a bit let down. Nonetheless, these shoes are still exceptional, although not exactly as one might have imagined.

Read on to find out why.

The Heel

nike ultrafly heel back view

The heel collar has extra padding, providing a secure and comfortable fit for your heel with no discomfort. It offers excellent padding, preventing blisters.

The Uppers

nike ultrafly uppers top view

The upper is constructed with Nikes Vaporweave material. While not highly breathable, these shoes are designed to shield you from the harsh conditions of  trail and road. The added padding on the tongue ensures a secure fit without causing discomfort on the top of the foot.

The Outsole

nike ultrafly vibram outsole

The Nike Ultraflys provide super grip from the Vibram Litebase outsole making light work of gravel, grass, or rain-soaked trails.

I have used these for early cross country races before it gets super muddy and they were fantastic. 

The Midsole

nike ultrafly midsole outside

nike ultrafly midsole inside

The Nike Ultrafly benefit from the ZoomX cushioning and VaporWeave upper to maintain a comfortable and supported feel for your feet, even during challenging miles.

It is the same ZoomX cushioning that you might expect to be bouncy and responsive that you find in the Alphafly, Vaporfly and Invincible trainers, but it is wrapped in a material to add some structure to the foam and also to protect it from the elements.

The trainers lack the expected bounce, but the firmer ride is beneficial for optimal ground feel on trails.

How Much Do They Weigh?

My size 9 shoes weigh 289g. 

Is It a Full Carbon Plate?

No. The carbon plate is a 3/4 plate. The shoe benefits from the presence of the plate, contributing to its drive and responsiveness. However, it is not the primary feature like you would expect in a road shoe but rather a supporting element in the overall performance.

How Long Do They Last?

The Vibram sole and tough Vaporweave uppers should mean they last a lot longer than your road shoes. 

How Much Do They Cost?

The Nike Ultrafly trail shoes retail at £229.95.


  • Experience Unparalleled Comfort with the Perfect Combination of Carbon Flyplate, ZoomX Foam, and Knit Fabric.
  • Achieve great traction with the Vibram Outsole: Sticky Rubber for Grip on Uphill Climbs and Downhill Descents
  • Optimal airflow with the Vaporweave Mesh on the shoes upper.
  • White may seem like an unconventional color choice considering their intended use for trail running.

The shoe's perfect blend of ZoomX foam, Flyplate, and Vibram outsole make it ideal for trail racing or early season cross country races.

They will cope with muddy conditions but it is not why they were designed for.

Would I recommend them?

Yes, as long as you are not expecting them to be a Vaporfly with great grip. They are a firmer ride than you might be expecting but a great trail shoe none the less that I am enjoying for Autumn/Winter runs.

Where To Buy

You can buy Nike Ultrafly shoes direct from the Nike website.

Nike Ultrafly Trail Shoes
nike ultrafly shoes
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If you have any questions you would like to ask about the Nike Ultrafly, please ask below in the comments.


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