Nike Lava Loop Shorts Review

Nike Lava Loop 1/2 Tight Shorts Review

Nike Lava Loops 1/2 Length Tights Shorts
nike lava loops shorts
£72.95 / $90
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Finally a decent pair of Men's running shorts with pockets, 8 pockets to be exact!

I first saw these shorts shared by a US based runner on Instagram and instantly tried to get hold of a pair in the UK, but couldn't get them on the Nike UK website or app. 

Nike has now released these in the UK with 3 different colours. 


nike lava loop trail shorts
  • 8 pockets - 1 zipped pocket on the back, 2 pockets on each hip, 3 mesh pockets at the front and 2 pockets inside the waistband.
  • Briefs - Brief-lined design adds breathable support without hindering motion.
  • Close fit - Tight fit with compression feel but the fabric is stretchy and allows you move freely.


Back Pocket

back zip pocket on nike lava loop shorts

1 zipped pocket on the back of the shorts that is large enough for most smart phones or perfect for keys or valuables you want to keep safe.

It did not fit my iPhone 13 pro max phone, but this is quite a large smartphone compared to most and should fit most standard smartphones. 

Hip pockets

hip pockets on nike lava loop shorts

2 pockets on each hip that are large enough for the biggest of smart phones and even small water bottles. 

Due to the depth of the pockets my phone felt really secure and did not feel like it was going to fall out. 

Front pockets

front pockets of nike lava loop shorts

There are 3 mesh panel pockets on the front of the shorts that are ideal for carry fuel like gels. 

I think these would be perfect for half to full marathons when you want to carry a number of gels on you. 

You can easily fit 4 gels in each panel!

Inside pockets

There are 2 pockets inside the waistband. There is so much storage on the outside I didn't feel the need to use them. 

Nike Lava Loops 1/2 Length Tights Shorts
nike lava loops shorts
£72.95 / $90
Buy From Nike

Size Guide

nike lava loop shorts sizing guide

I am normally a size XL in Nike clothing and the Nike Lava Loops fit to size perfectly. 

In the USA, there is a extra option of TALL sizing, for those with longer legs, this is not currently available in the UK though. 


The Nike Lava Loops are currently available in 3 different colours:

  • Black/White (Black)
  • Dark Russet/Black/Bright Mandarin (Orange) 
  • Faded Spruce/Citron Pulse (Green)
You can view the 3 different colours from the photos on this page. 

What Are They Made Of?

  • Body: 83% polyester/17% elastane
  • Mesh: 82% polyester/18% elastane
  • Briefs: 89% polyester/11% elastane


In the UK the Nike Lava Loops retail at £72.95 or in the USA $90. 

This is quite expensive for a pair of shorts, but to be honest, I have bought 4 pairs of these so far, as it is so hard to find a quality pair of mens running shorts that have so much storage and can be used for training as well as race days. 


The Nike Lava Loops shorts may have been made with trail running in mind, but they feel similar to the Nike Aeroswift in build and comfort. 

The 8 pockets make these shorts really versatile, perfect for training runs when you need to carry your phone, keys and some energy gels.

Lightweight race day shorts are great, but unlike elite athletes, unless you have a support crew to pass you your drinks, gels or look after your valuables, the Nike Lava Loops shorts are perfect for race day and I can see them being really popular with marathon runners who do not want to carry a running belt or arm sleeve for there gels and phone.

Don't think these shorts are just good for there pockets though, they are a really high quality product, and the price reflects that.  

Where To Buy?

Currently you can only buy direct from the Nike website. 

Nike Lava Loops 1/2 Length Tights Shorts
nike lava loops shorts
£72.95 / $90
Buy From Nike

Is there a Women's version?

Yes, Nike has the Epic Luxe Trail Shorts, which seem to be hard to get hold of at the moment. We found them in the sale on Pro:Direct Running


If you have any questions you would like to ask about the Nike Lava Loop trail shorts, please ask below in the comments.


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