SAYSKY Combat+ 9 Inch Short Tights review

SAYSKY Combat+ 9 Inch Short Tights Review

 SAYSKY Combat+ 9 Inch Short Tights
saysky combat+ 9 inch short tights

PLEASE NOTE: I was gifted these shorts by SAYSKY to give a honest review.

The SAYSKY Combat+ 9 inch short tights are an ideal pair of running shorts to enhance your performance or use in training. 

These men's running short tights are not only stylish but also environmentally friendly, as they are made from recycled polyester but best of all have plenty of pockets, which are so hard to find in men's running shorts.


    • Lightweight - Weigh only 152g
    • Performance fabric - Soft, lightweight and wicking to keep you dry and comfortable
    • Elastic waist - For better comfort  
    • Back pocket - Large pocket with zipper that can fit keys 
    • Two side pockets - Large enough to fit my large iPhone Pro Max 13

    Size Guide

    I am 183cm (6 foot) tall and at the time of taking these photos I am 92kg in weight and I am wearing a size XL. 

    Coming from a sprint background, I do have larger quads than most, so if you are a similar size to me and have more of a endurance frame you would probably need a size large. 


    The SAYSKY Combat+ 9 inch short tights are currently available in 4 different colours:

    • Black
    • Blue
    • Green
    • Red

    I am wearing the black edition in the photos with the SAYSKY Logo Combat T-shirt

    What Is It Made Of?

    SAYSKY say it is made of recycled polyester and Elastane. It meets the standard for the global recycled standard certificate.

    • 80% polyester
    • 20% elastane


    The SAYSKY Combat+ 9 inch short tights cost £73.

    This is on the upper end of prices for what you might pay for running shorts, however given the fact it is so hard to find well made men's running shorts with pockets, for me these are worth every penny.


    I previously mentioned the Nike Lava Loops trail shorts were made favourite ever running shorts because of the number of pockets they had and excellent compression, but I have to say the SAYSKY Combat+ 9 inch short tights are up there with them, possibly even better in a different way.

    I would probably lean towards these for race days as they are more performance lead with slightly less pockets but more compression. 

    They are a great short though and I use them regularly in training in rotation with the Nike's. 

    The only thing I do miss slightly in these shorts is a brief lining, but as I say, these are performance lead shorts.   

    Where To Buy

     SAYSKY Combat+ 9 Inch Short
    Buy From SAYSKY (UK)
    Buy From SAYSKY (USA)


    If you have any questions you would like to ask about the SAYSKY Combat+ 9 Inch Shorts, please ask below in the comments.


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