best compression socks for running

Best Compression Socks For Running

Compression socks are an essential piece of running gear. They have a number of benefits including improving blood circulation and reducing the risk of injury.

This is because compression socks are designed to help with circulation and to prevent swelling, and so they are used as a recovery tool for athletes. In this guide, we’re going to take a look at compression socks in more detail.

What Are Compression Socks?

Compression socks are designed to increase blood flow and reduce swelling. They are usually worn by those who suffer from poor circulation, varicose veins, or other circulatory problems. But they are also great for runners. There are also compression socks for runners that help prevent shin splints and other injuries. Compression socks come in various styles for different types of activities, so it’s good to know more about them.

How Do Compression Socks Work?

Compression socks are designed to apply pressure to the foot and ankle, which increases blood flow. This helps reduce swelling, prevent blood clots, and speed up recovery time. Compression socks are one of the most popular ways to help runners recover after a race or long run. They can be worn as soon as you finish your workout or while you're on your way home. The compression helps with fatigue and muscle soreness by reducing lactic acid build up in your muscles and increasing blood flow back to the heart.

Why Should You Use Compression Socks When Running?

Compression socks are a great way to prevent injury and improve performance. Compression socks help keep the muscles warm, which can reduce the risk of muscle strains and injuries. They also improve blood flow and reduce swelling. This is especially important for runners who need to be on their feet for long periods of time during races or training sessions.

In general, compression socks are a good idea for anyone who wants to prevent injury or improve performance. Compression socks help to reduce muscle soreness after running. They also keep your feet from swelling up by compressing the veins. Compression socks are not only for athletes. Anyone who does a lot of walking or standing can benefit from wearing them.

What Is Gradient Compression?

Gradient compression is a technique that takes advantage of the natural elasticity in the calf muscles which is designed to reduce muscle vibration, improve blood circulation, and reduce muscle fatigue.

Gradient compression garments are made with progressively more compressive materials from the ankle to the knee. This helps to reduce swelling and improves blood flow. Gradient compression socks are often used by athletes or individuals who have circulatory problems.

How Is Compression Measured?

Compression socks are designed to help with circulation, prevent swelling and provide support during running. Compression is measured by millimeters of mercury (mmHg) and is measured around the ankle, not the foot. Compression socks for runners are typically measured in millimeters of mercury (mmHg) too.

The compression level you should be wearing depends on your activity level and how your feet feel when you wear it. If you're looking for compression socks for running, then a compression level of 15-20 mmHg is recommended.

What Is The Difference Between Compression Socks And Calf Sleeves?

Compression socks are usually worn by athletes who need to keep their muscles warm and tight to prevent injuries. They are very popular among runners because they provide support for the ankle and calf. Calf sleeves, on the other hand, are worn by people who need to recover from an injury or want to prevent one. They provide a compression effect that helps with muscle recovery and blood flow.

Compression socks offer more protection against injuries than calf sleeves do. That is why they are better for professional athletes who need all the help they can get when it comes to preventing injuries from happening again in the future. However, not everyone needs that level of protection so it is up to you whether you want compression socks or calf sleeves for your type of workout routine.

How To Choose The Best Compression Socks For Your Run

If you are looking for a compression sock for running, there are a few things you should consider before making your purchase.

Firstly, what is your level of activity? If you're running every day or even several times a week, then it's best to invest in a more expensive pair with more features.

Secondly, what size do you need? Are they going to be worn by someone who has larger or smaller than average feet?

Lastly, what colour do you want? Are they going to be seen by other people while being worn? Then you can choose the right style for your needs.

In no particular order, we are going to cover some of our favourite compression socks:

  • Compressport Full Compression Socks Race Oxygen
  • Runderwear Compression Running Socks
  • KYMIRA Infrared Compression Socks
  • Bauerfeind Performance Compression Socks
  • STOX Running Socks
  • Bauerfeind Ultralight Compression Socks
  • 2XU Compression Socks For Recovery
  • CEP Run Compression Socks 3.0
  • Nike Spark Lightweight Compression Socks


compressport compression race sock oxygen
  • Super light and well ventilated
  • 3D dots on foot for added grip
  • 2 year quality guarantee
  • Simple sizing
  • Fantastic product but reflected in the price
  • Only 2 colours available

Top-of-the-range, featherlight black sock offering exceptional ventilation and muscle support during the hottest workouts and races.

available from compressport



runderwear running compression socks
  • Graduated compression
  • Highly breathable
  • Well cushioned heel and toe support for longer runs
  • Simple sizing
  • Although highly breathable they are a bit thick for racing in the summer
  • Only 1 colour available

The Runderwear Compression Running Socks use graduated compression from the foot upwards to help stimulate blood flow, which aids fast recovery and increases performance. These socks are perfect for any sport where you want to increase performance and recover quickly.

available from runderwear



KYMIRA Infrared Compression Socks
  • Extra cushioning on heels and toes
  • Soft luxurious fabric
  • Support bands for calf, achilles and arch support
  • 6 different colours available
  • Can not tumble dry

Kymira Infrared Compression Socks offer not only the technical benefits of Kynergy Infrared technology, but also muscular compression.

The Kynergy Infrared technology in the socks’ fabric has been developed to both boost performance and speed recovery, helping you perform harder, for longer. The infrared technology assists with recovery, as the increased oxygenation of the blood hastens the rate of lactic acid breakdown and removal of waste products from the body. This unique material also promotes cellular repair and replication throughout the body, which helps to minimise Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness.

available from kymira



bauerfeind performance compression sock
  • Well designed Compression zones
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Comfort groove for achilles tendon
  • Good range of 5 colours available
  • Fantastic product but reflected in the price

Bauerfiend Run Performance Compression Socks boost your calf muscles with targeted compression - for your maximum performance and fast recovery.

available from bauerfeind



STOX running compression socks
  • Comfortable fit with padded heel and toes
  • Made to prevent cramps and shin splints
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Good range of 6 colours available
  • Certainly not the most expensive but still pricey

STOX Running Socks stimulate blood circulation in the legs and thus provide better endurance. Experience energetic legs during your run!

Gives a light, strengthening and firm feeling to the lower legs. You no longer feel that your legs become heavy or set up during your training. Running therefore feels a lot more comfortable and easier. 

available from stox



cep tall run socks
  • Wrinkle free fit
  • Targeted compression wraps
  • Blister protection
  • Good choice of 4 colours available
  • Fantastic product but reflected in the price
  • Sizing is based on calf size, not shoe size.

In the mood for a low-key run through the park, striving to set new records on the track or just staying active at the gym? No matter what, when and where: The Run Compression Socks from CEP Activating Sportswear are your activating running socks for every situation. The redefined compression profile is more precise to optimally supply your muscles with nutrients. Your legs feel lighter and your muscles recover faster. Plus you benefit from greater stability and maximum running comfort.

available from cep



bauerfiend ultralight compression socks
  • The lightest compression socks we tested
  • Great for everyday use or racing
  • Good choice of 4 colours available
  • Cannot tumble dry

The Run Ultralight Compression Socks’ targeted compression ensures that your muscles stay fit for longer and that you have more energy reserves available – and you will hardly notice them because of their lightweight design.

available from bauerfeind



cep 3.0 running compression socks
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Asymmetrical toe box
  • Targeted compression
  • Sizing is based on calf size, not shoe size.

CEP made their 3rd version of compression running socks even better with a more precise compression profile that gradually decreases up the leg. The compression is now even more effective to ensure an optimum supply of nutrients to your legs and accelerated recovery effects.

The new running compression socks have a perfect fit and wrap around your feet and calves like a second skin. In this way the running socks provide a comfortable running experience with anti-blister effect on any surface.

available from cep



nike spark lightweight compression running socks
  • Ultra thin
  • Switch foot arch support lets you wear the sock on either foot
  • Great value
  • Simple sizing
  • Some reviewers noted they can rip as they are so thin, however we did not experience this
  • Choice of only 2 colours

When you're on the run, you want comfort that goes the distance. The Nike Spark Socks deliver, with a secure and breathable fit made for your workout.

available from nike


The Advantages of Wearing Compression Socks for Running

To recap, some of the biggest benefits and advantages include;

  1. Increased circulation and decreased muscle fatigue
  2. Providing better support for the arch of your foot
  3. Preventing injuries and improving athletic performance
  4. Improving posture and helping reduce risk of aches and pains in the legs and feet
  5. Keeping legs warm during cold weather conditions for a more comfortable experience outdoors
  6. Preventing swelling and the likely onset of muscle cramps
  7. Reducing and preventing varicose veins


If you have any questions you would like to ask about compression socks, please ask below in the comments.

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