30 South Trail RX Sunglasses review

30 South Trail RX Sunglasses Review

30 South Trail RX Sunglasses
30 South Trail RX Sunglasses
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The 30 South Trail RX Sunglasses have been described as the ‘peak of performance eyewear’, making them the perfect accessory of choice for adventurers across the globe. Therefore, whether you’re running, cycling or even taking a swing at your local golf course, you can keep the sun’s glare out of your eyes with these sleek, stylish sunglasses.

Brought to you by the world-famous 30 South Eyewear brand, the Trail RX Sunglasses come with three pairs of interchangeable optic lenses. This includes a non-polarised mirrored lens, a grey CAT 3 polarised lens and a clear UV400 lens.

Each of these lenses slip easily into the frame, working to protect your eyesight and ensuring the sun doesn’t get in the way of your outdoor pursuits. If you aren’t satisfied with just three lens options, they also come with an optional PhotoChromatic Transition lens, which is perfect for the days when the sun isn’t always shining, but might make an appearance later on.

In short, no matter what weather conditions you may be adventuring in or how sharp the glare from the sun may be, your Trail RX Sunglasses have you covered. 

Even better, each of the lenses are coated in REVO coatings - developed by NASA themselves to ensure that the path ahead always remains clear through high-contrast viewing.

These coatings are carefully wrapped around the lenses, meaning that your peripheral vision will not be impacted (a must when participating in any outdoor sporting activity).

Fortunately, when it comes to the 30 South Trail RX Sunglasses, you don’t have to sacrifice style for practicality. In fact, the Trail RX Sunglasses may be 30 South’s most stylish contribution to eyewear yet - and their high customer satisfaction rating proves this to be true. Sleek and simplistic in design, they are available in six different colours - giving you plenty of options to choose from.  

Furthermore, as accidents can happen at any time when exercising, extra care has been taken to ensure these frames and lenses can weather the storm. For example, all three lenses are ballistic-grade shatterproof, meaning you’d have to try really hard to shatter them.

They’re also hydrophobic and fingerprint, and scratch-resistant, giving you even greater security when on the field. The frames are made from a TR90 material, which is Swiss Engineered and ultra-flexible for a secure, yet incredibly comfortable fit.

This means that not only are the frames lightweight, they are also non-slip - so you won’t have to readjust them continuously as you play, run, cycle or even fish. 

The 30 South Trail RX Sunglasses are also competition proven, meaning they’re not only suited to a person who enjoys exercise as a hobby but for professional athletes too.

In fact, the Trail RX Sunglasses were designed specifically by sportsmen for sportsmen - which enabled them to use their unique insight and experiences to influence every aspect of the design and development process. This means that every time you reach for these sunglasses, you’ll know that you’re in for a treat.

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