Nike Trail Dri-Fit Long Sleeve Running Top review

Nike Trail Dri-Fit Long Sleeve Running Top Review

Nike Trail Dri-Fit Long Sleeve Running Top
nike trail Dri-FIT Long-Sleeve Running Top
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Morning run or late night workout, this top is a sweat-wicking top in a poly-wool blend for warmth. Lightweight and breathable, ideal as a first layer or only layer in cold weather.

As a Dri-FIT product, it's designed to enhance performance by managing moisture effectively during physical activity and is part of Nike's range of trail running tops.


Nike Trail Dri-Fit Long Sleeve Running orange Top
  • Dri-FIT technology: This moisture-wicking fabric helps keep you dry and comfortable during your runs.
  • Fabric: A poly-wool blend feels lightweight and breathable, while also helping you stay warm.
  • Stretchy: 2-way stretch fabric can stretch width-wise to help you move easily.
  • Neck design: Mock-neck design provides extra coverage.

Size Guide

Nike Trail Dri-Fit Long Sleeved Running Top

I am 183cm (6 foot) tall and at the time of taking these photos I am 100kg in weight and I am wearing a size XL. 

Nike describes the fitting as 'easy and traditional'.

It does fit me really well, fits to size and the stretchy fabric allows for plenty of movement.  

The sleeves are possibly slightly to long but I kind of like that in the winter so I can put my hands in the cuffs.


Nike Trail Dri-Fit Long Sleeve Running Top logo

The Nike Trail Dri-Fit Long Sleeve Running Top with is made in 2 different colours:

  • Campfire Orange with Night Maroon accents (possibly sold out)
  • Black

I am wearing the orange edition in the photos with the Nike Lava Loop Half Tights and Nike Ultrafly Trainers.

What Is It Made Of?

Nike Trail Dri-Fit Long Sleeve Running Top back

Nike says its it is partly made from recycled polyester from plastic bottles, cleaned and converted into yarn for high-quality performance with reduced environmental impact.

  • 88% polyester
  • 7% wool
  • 5% elastane


Nike Trail Dri-Fit Long Sleeve Running Top materials

The Nike Dri-Fit Long Sleeve running top cost £64.99.

I would say this is in the upper end of prices for what you might pay for a long sleeve running t-shirt, sadly this seems to be the norm now for moisture wicking garments now.


Nike Trail Dri-Fit Long Sleeve Running Top sleeves

It is a really good quality top that has not frayed or discoloured after a couple of washes. 

If I am being really picky I would of liked to of seen a gap in the sleeve to see your watch without having to roll it up for the price point it is at.

I bought it particularly for the bright colour as it is hard to find bright coloured tops so you can be seen easily when running on paths or road in low light.

If you look around or use discount codes you can probably buy it for under £50.

Overall it is a great top that will more than likely become a go to top during colder temperatures. 

Where To Buy

Nike Trail Dri-Fit Long Sleeve Running Top
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If you have any questions you would like to ask about the Nike Trail Dri-Fit Long Sleeve Running Top, please ask below in the comments.


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