amp human pr lotion review

AMP Human PR Lotion Review

 AMP Human PR Lotion
amp human pr lotion
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AMP Human PR lotion is leading the world in its InnerEdge™ technology, creating a sports lotion that unlocks the natural electrolyte bicarb.

This lotion is one of a kind, perfect for sportspeople across the world, with a sustainable design that assists in the moments you need it the most. Electrolytes are vital in balancing bodily fluids which are often lost through sports and activity. 

Electrolytes are electrically charged minerals (salts) that play a very important role in balancing fluids in the body. Electrolytes are a general name for minerals such as sodium, magnesium, calcium and potassium which are very essential for the body of athletes and for the proper functioning of the body's cells. Electrolytes are important for good hydration and prevention of muscle cramps.

With our PR lotion, all you need to do is apply it in order to feel its benefits for the muscles. Ready to train faster and harder? We have you covered. Our lotion will allow any trainer to be able to push themselves further with quick muscle recovery due to our cutting edge technology.  

For example, muscle contraction depends on the presence of calcium, sodium and potassium ions. If these electrolyte levels are too low, the muscles may become weak, or contract too strongly which means training slows and you feel sluggish. With rapid muscle recovery, you can spend more time training and enable yourself to feel fitter for longer.

What is AMP Human PR Lotion?

Using PR lotion right before your training allows the technology to get to work on your muscles. A heavy coat will seep into the skin and be absorbed to allow you to go further in your training efforts. You can’t ever put too much on, which is what makes this product great. Lather it up and you will be able to start to feel the benefits quickly.

Depending on the type of workout you are doing, you can apply your PR lotion to different areas as needed. For example, with lower body workouts, calves to low back. For upper body workouts, arms, shoulders, chest, back. It is simple and it doesn’t involve taking any type of added supplement or energy drinks - it is pure power.

The burn from lactic acid often slows people down during workouts, training and sports which is why we have developed something extraordinary. In fact, we call it groundbreaking skin absorption technology. This is a new and improved formula which is approved across the industry and clean sport compliant. We believe that you deserve the best and we are her to offer it.


The active ingredients in AMP Human PR Lotion is Menthol at 0.5%.

The inactive ingredients in AMP Human PR Lotion is sodium bicarbonate, water, isopropyl palmitate, lecithin, poloxamer 407, cetyl alcohol, propylene gycol, alcohol denat, benzyl alcohol, polyglyceryl-4 laurate, sodium hydroxide, sodium lauryl sulfate, sorbic acid and fragrance. 

What else you need to know?

It aids in relaxation of the muscles and allows easier recovery. Aching tired muscles can cause other issues which can hinder you. Eliminate cramps, fatigue and aches with a non-toxic solution to your training efforts.

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