10 of the best running podcasts for runners

Best Running Podcasts For Runners

If you love to pound the pavement, you can appreciate how important it is to block out the surrounding noise and stimulate your mind with some inspiring content.

Since you can’t read your favourite book while running, what better content to have than podcasts that tackle various topics to inspire, enlighten, entertain, and serve you with a world of knowledge about self-improvement as a runner?

There are thousands of podcasts you can listen to. But while that sounds great, narrowing down your options to a few podcasts ideal for runners is an issue. That’s exactly why this list has been put together for you.

The entries on this list tackle various subjects that will help you as a runner. From mistakes you need to avoid to essential tips for improving your performance, you’re sure to find all the inspiration, support, tips, and everything you need to help take your running game to another level.

So, whether you’re a seasoned professional runner, a fitness lover, or love to hit the treadmill in your local gym, here are some of the best running podcasts you should add to your listening list as a runner.

In no particular order, we are going to cover some of our favourite running podcasts:

10 Of The Best Running Podcasts For Podcasts

  1. RunPod With Jenni Falconer
  2. Marathon Talk With Martin Yelling & Holly Rush
  3. Let's Get Running Podcast
  4. The Strength Running Podcast
  5. The Runner's World UK Podcast
  6. The Way Of The Runner Podcast With Adharanand Finn
  7. The Long Run Podcast With Fordy Runs
  8. The UKRunChat Podcast
  9. Soar Long Form Podcast With Danny Easton
  10. From Paper To Podium A Performance Podcast


RunPod Podcast With Jenni Falconer

Hosted by Jenni Falconer, the RunPod podcast sheds light on almost every runner's issues.

It also delves into the motivating factors that drive the passion or love for running and the positive impact running has on their lives. Jenni shares her platform with special guests invited to share their passion for running.

Expect to be served with frequent tips, inspirational stories, and anything else you need to know as a lover of running.

New episodes every Friday - Listen Here


marathon talk podcast with martin yelling and holly rush

A well established running podcast with over 600 episodes to date. If you love marathons and long-distance running, this is the podcast for you.

Ex Great Britain marathon runner Holly Rush and experienced multi-sport athlete Martin Yelling have teamed up to create what has become UK’s number one running podcast.

Both accomplished sportspeople discuss interesting topical issues that cover marathons and the world of running in general.

You’ll receive all the inspiration and tips you need to achieve your running goals, regardless of your level. 

New episodes every other Wednesday - Listen Here


let's get running podcast

Running isn’t only about hitting the ground, as many things come together to create an effective running experience.

Dieting, other forms of training, discipline, etc., are all important components you cannot ignore if you want to improve your running.

And that’s what the Let’s Get Running Podcast is all about— giving you the complete package to make you a better runner. Hosts Shaun and Jermaine bring you weekly doses of running conversations.

You get to listen to interviews with dietitians, coaches, top runners, psychologists, Olympians, and anyone that matters as far as running is concerned.

New episodes every week - Listen Here


the strength running podcast with Jason Fitzgerald

There’s always something new to learn in the world of running, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced runner.

You can be assured that every episode of the Strength Running podcast will leave you with something new to learn to improve your running game.

It is of little wonder that this podcast is often ranked as the number one running podcast.

Host (and coach) Jason Fitzgerald usually shares his platform with iconic guests like Nick Symmonds and Shalane Flanagan to teach listeners how to run faster and stay healthy while doing so.

New episodes every Thursday - Listen Here


The Runner's World UK Podcast

Many runners take their running life seriously, and rightfully so, as running is an important part of healthy living. But that in no way means you should forget about the entertainment or stress-relieving aspect of this sport.

The Runner’s World UK podcast offers you a weekly dose of everything important about running. Hosts Rick Pearson, Ben Hobson, and Jane McGuire bring you unique interviews to entertain, advise, and inform you with in-depth discussions. 

New episodes every Tuesday - Listen Here


the way of the runner podcast with adaranand finn

What goes into the mind of a runner? What ignites the love and passion for hitting the road? What inspires a runner to build a life around this demanding sport? What goals does a runner seek to meet?

Join award-winning author Adharanand Finn as he tries to uncover what brews the love that gets runners out there. You will enjoy interviews with an interesting mix of runners as they explain why running gives them so much joy.

Adharanand is the author of three award-winning books, Running with the Kenyans (2012), The Way of the Runner (2014), and the Rise of the Ultra Runners (2019).

New episodes every week - Listen Here


the long run podcast with fordy runs

You need something lighthearted to listen to while running, don’t you? You need the right dose of hearty inspiration while lacing your running shoes, don’t you? Then check out the wholesome, lighthearted, and educational conversations on The Long Run Podcast. 

Self proclaimed the biggest running podcast in the world hosted by qualified Running Coaches, Chris Ford aka Youtuber FORDY Runs, Alan Bowley and Toby Frost plus holding it all together is journalist Ian Wilkerson.

New episodes every FridayListen Here


the ukrunchat podcast

If you’re looking for free podcasts about running with no signups and no download issues, you should be checking out the UKRunChat podcast.

Guest hosts like Stuart Gordon and Andy Lane chat with sports therapists, marathon runners, and other personalities deeply involved in the world of running.

You’ll get free running tips that’ll help lift your running experience, insightful conversations, and so much more. 

New episodes once a month - Listen Here


SOAR long form podcast with danny easton

Presented by SOAR Running, the Soar Long Form Podcast is hosted by Danny Easton.

He interviews people who offer new and different perspectives about running.

So if you’re a running enthusiast looking for new insights and ideas, then this podcast service needs to be on your to-listen list. 

New episodes are sporadic - Listen Here


Although not running specific, in this bi-weekly podcast, Charlie Webster and Professor James Morton chat to world-renowned athletes and respected experts in performance and nutrition to bring you the insights that make your favourite sports men and women, faster, stronger and fitter.

In particular the episode 'Maximise Your Marathon Training' featuring Paula Radcliffe is a must listen for all endurance athletes. 

No new episodes for a while - Listen Here


If you have any recommendations for other running podcasts, please leave them in the comments below.


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