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GU Roctane Gels

GU Roctane Gels

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Gu Roctane Gels are designed for more demanding competition, like tough mud runs.

They have more sodium and branched-chain amino acids than the original Energy Gels. The gels also have added taurine which helps to improve your cardiac output during a challenging run. 

Gluten-free and kosher More expensive than the original gels, due to the higher performance
Great-tasting flavours available The fructose can cause water retention, which can be uncomfortable while running
Easy to swallow compared to other gels Thick texture, which might not suit all palettes

Gu Energy Gel v Gu Roctane?

Gel Roctane products are designed to be used for a more intensive or long-duration activity. For example, for short runs, stick with the original, but for your long runs or events like marathons, use Roctane.

In order to keep going for these tougher events, you need a boosted supply of essential nutrients. By using energy gels, you can get these nutrients in a portable, easy to digest format.

The main difference between Energy Gel and Roctane Gel is more branch-chained amino acids (BCAAs) than the original Energy Gel, and additional amino acids beta-alanine and taurine.

Both options will work well for runners. Which you chose to use depends on how long you plan to run for. Roctane is useful for intense training, whereas the original gel is suitable for shorter distances while training.

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