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Silva Exceed 3XT Running Headlamp

Silva Exceed 3XT Running Headlamp

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Exceed 3XT is loaded with features that makes it a perfect companion for multi athletes with focus on downhill skiing and mountain biking. By blending powerful light with extensive battery time in a relatively small headlamp, Exceed 3XT is also highly suitable for demanding runners, skiers and orienteers.

Ideal for downhill skiing and biking, the Silva Exceed 3XT Running Headlamp allows you to explore the unknown without getting caught in the dark. This powerful headlamp exceeds by providing even more light output and flexibility without adding more weight so you can go further for longer. Designed using Silva's intelligent light system, the exceed aims to create optimised light for your specific activity by creating light beams that are adapted to how your eyes see in the dark.

The headlamp achieves optimum light by combining a long reach spot light and a close floodlight to give you a clear view of both near and far objects. This results in fewer head movements and a clear view of near as well as far obstacles, as you gain the balance and confidence it takes to move fast and perform better. The intelligent light system is designed to widen your perspective in multi aspects as you move through your chosen activity.

As well as this, Silva flow light technology allows you to alter the light pattern depending on your chosen activity or the conditions at all time. Silva flow light further enhances optimisation by allowing you to fine-tune the light pattern for your given sport; simply tilt the light downwards for a wider beam or upwards for a longer view.

The downward pattern is ideal for slow-moving activities where you have time to look at what's in front of you whereas the upwards pattern is ideal for high paced activities where speed and vision are key. Both the intelligent light system and the flow light technology ensure light personalisation to bring you a headlamp ideal for a wide range of technical sports.

Futhermore, the Silva Exceed 3XT Running Headlamp runs on four different modes to reduce battery consumption and maximise vision when it is required. A lower power mode boasts 80 lumens for when maximum light is not needed plus, it helps to conserve battery consumption so you can go further for longer.

However, when the darkness closes in and better vision is required, boost mode can be activated and you can benefit from 2200 lumens to light your way to the finish line. Two modes sit in the middle of low power mode and boost mode to allow for added customisation; max mode will light your way at 2000 lumens whereas med mode boasts 1000 lumens.

The four light modes can be activated at any time depending on the conditions at the time so you can switch between them when in a dark cavern or when you finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. As well as this, the Silva Exceed 3XT Running Headlamp features a long-distance battery pack to ensure you're never caught in the dark. The powerful 9.9Ah battery pack is USB rechargeable as had a maximum burn time of 12hs.

It comes with a multi attachment Velcro strap for mounting on a belt or bike plus, a Silva connection system opens up the flexibility to use any Silva Li-Ion battery from 2008 and onwards. A helpful battery indication allows you to keep track of the charge level during any activity and a low battery warning automatically adjusts the light to ensure you can get back home safely.

Designed to be used with multiple sports in mind, the Silva Exceed 3XT Running Headlamp comes with multiple attachments for your bike and helmet; making it extra flexible. The headlamp can be attached to a helmet using the helmet bracket or it can be simply snapped onto the helmet with ease. The bike bracket can also be used to attach the lamp onto your bike handlebars; all attachments are included with the headlamp to give you flexible attachment options.

The headlamps headband features ergonomic buckles to ensure smooth adjustments to meet your individual requirements. The headband is also anti-slip ensuring a stable and secure fit at all times whilst an improved backplate provides optimal weight distribution/battery carrying options.

The backplate is designed to hold the battery steady on the head but can be detached and replaced by the back cable guide if you want to keep your headlamp clean and simple - either solution lets you carry the battery in your pocket to keep the weight off your head.

The Silva Exceed 3XT Running Headlamp offers a wide range of adjustability and flexibility so you can go further for longer in complete comfort.

What Colours Are Available?

Currently the Silva Exceed 3XT Running Headlamp is only available in black.

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