10 questions with trina hawkins

10 Questions With Trina Dawkins

Trina Dawkins is a blogger who started running in 2015 from London and runs the award winning website Trina Runs.

trina dawkins 

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1 - When Did You Start Running?

I started running in secondary school as part of my PE lesson. I absolutely loved Athletics especially 800m and 1500m.

I participated in a variety of sports and Athletics definitely helped me with endurance in those sports.

2 - What Is Your Favourite Race?

I actually love the 20 Mile Milton Keynes race. I have completed it twice in preparation for a marathon.

3 - What Motivates You To Run?

How I feel at the end of every run makes me go out there and do it again and again.

You never regret a run, not even a bad one. It is all progress and learning opportunities.

4 - What Is Your Favourite Go To Session?

I love track sessions as you really get to see what you can do speed wise.

Also love chasing other athletes which makes you give it everything.

5 - Are You Currently Working Towards A Race Or Have A Goal In Mind?

I am currently in training for my first 50km ultramarathon taking place in June. It is the Camino Ultra 50KM

6 - What Is Your Favourite Race That You Look Forward To Every Year?

I do love half marathons. London Landmarks half is a great one to do.

7 - If You Could Only Choose One Pair Of Trainers To Train In, What Is Your Weapon Of Choice?

That's a hard question. However I am currently using Adidas Adizero Boston 10s and they are great. I do love the Adidas Ultraboost range too.

8 - Are You A Fan Of Super Shoes For Racing?

I like to try different brands to see what works for different runs. I have wide feet so it is important to see what is comfortable for me.

9 - One Tip Every Runner Should Know About?

Focus on what you can do rather than what you can't.

10 - One Running Product You Couldn’t Live Without?

A running product I couldn't live without is my headphones. I love the shokz headphones and have used other wireless one too.

I like to listen to podcasts and music on my runs. Other times I just listen to the world but I do like to have the option.

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You follow Trina's progress on her website Trina Runs.

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