soar running winter anorak review

Soar Running Winter Anorak Review

 Soar Running Winter Anorak
soar running winter anorak
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The Soar Running Winter Anorak is a highly innovative running jacket designed to offer protection from the worst of the weather.


    soar running winter anorak with chest pocket for phone

    • 2 handy pockets - 1 on your chest and 1 on your back, both were big enough to fit my iPhone in. 
    • Fitted hood - Didn't think I would use this much, but on cold and wet runs, it has protected my face from the elements keeping me dry and warm. 
    • Hand warmer mitts - Thumbholes allow you to run with you hands in your sleeves without stretching the fabric. 
    • Italic technic fabric - Highly breathable fabric lined with plush fabric that is insulated keeping you warm and the cold out. 
    • Doubled-applied water repellent - I have not got wet once and have been bone dry every time I have run in the rain. 

    Size Guide

    soar running winter anorak size guide

    The jacket fits really snuggly, more like a top, than a jacket.

    I am normally a size XL but I did go a size up, mainly because it was a little too snug around my stomach and I was a little self conscious about how snug it fitted in that area.


    soar running winter anorak close fit

    The Soar Running Winter Anorak is currently available in 2 different colours:

    • Black
    • Orange

    I am wearing the black edition in the photos with the Soar Running Fast Cargo Tights

    What Is It Made Of?

    soar running winter anorak with hood

    The jacket is a no membrane Durable Water Repellent (DWR) coated fabric.

    • 71% Nylon/Polyamid (PA)
    • 29% Elastane (EA)


    soar running winter anorak back view

    Is it expensive? This jacket might be on the higher price point for most but the price reflects the amazing quality of the jacket made by Soar Running, meaning this is a piece of running kit that will become a staple part of your running wardrobe for years to come.


    soar running winter anorak hand mitts

    I wasn't sure I would get on with a overhead jacket as I thought it would be a pain to get on and off but it is probably the best running jacket I have owned.

    It keeps me warm, every time it has rained I have kept bone dry, I love the hand warmer mitt features and it fits really snuggly but allows you to move freely.

    It conveniently drys super quickly, so on days when I have been doing double runs, it is ready to go for the 2nd session.

    Personally I would like to see some more reflection detailing, but there is a another choice of colour that is bright orange for those wanting a brighter colour for the darker nights.

    It partners perfectly with the Soar Running WoolTech Top. With these 2 tops on I have been out in freezing conditions and felt super warm and dry.

    Where To Buy

     Soar Running Winter Anorak
    Buy From Soar Running


    If you have any questions you would like to ask about the Soar Running Winter Anorak Jacket, please ask below in the comments.


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    * PLEASE NOTE: I was gifted this jacket by Soar Running to give a honest review.

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