cambridge half marathon review

Cambridge Half Marathon Review

I first raced the Cambridge Half Marathon in March 2020 just before the Pandemic broke out and the world came to abrupt halt and had the pleasure of returning in October 2021 when the world had to started to get some sort of normality back. 

It is a really well attended mass race with 15,000 runners on a fast flat course that is perfect for chasing a personal best or just enjoying the beautiful scenery of Cambridge. 


cambridge half marathon route map

The route is a fast flat course with closed roads with only a few very very small inclines. 

It is well supported throughout the course especially in the city centre. You get a huge buzz from the crowd on your way back when it is really needed approaching mile 12.  

The vast majority of the course is on tarmac closed roads but you do run on some gravel and cobbles whilst running through the grounds of Kings college. For those of you worried about wearing your carbon plated trainers this is a really small section of the course and you are absolutely fine. 

Road closures are well advertised in advance and I never felt in danger of any cars at any point when it was half the road closed as they are really wide roads and plenty of room for all runners. 

The route changed slightly in 2021 and they have since confirmed the route will stay the same in 2022.

Water Stations

There was 2 water stations at 5.1 miles and 11.4 miles with small bottled water and High5 Aqua gels available.

Not the most eco friendly approach but I think there are plans to change this in future races as they were limited to a certain extent due to COVID recommendations. 


Whilst pacers were provided it was only for times of 1hr 30mins, 1hr 45mins, 2hrs, 2hrs 15mins, 2hr 30 mins and 2hr 45 mins which leaves a large chunk in between.

For such a large race it would be great if there were pacers at 5 minute intervals but there are plenty of people in your wave that should be running similar times to you. 


There is some parking in the city centre but you have to be quick as these spaces sell out really fast.

Your best bet is to use the park and ride schemes as there are 5 sites available and you can pay for a ticket when you enter. Just remember to pay for a ticket for each person with you and not per car. 

It was super easy parking the car at the park and ride, jumping on the bus and it took you literally 2 minutes walk away from the start/finish area.

It was roughly a 20-30 minute journey from the park and ride but you need to be early as the last bus is at 8:30AM.


There were a huge amount of portable toilets and urinals in the athlete village area and whilst the ques were quite small the vast majority of the time they can get long just before the waves start. 

There are also toilets in the holding pen of your wave just before your taking to the start line, which I thought was a great idea for any last minute toilet stops. 


Cambridge half marathon medal

Great medal for 2021 but I have a funny feeling it was the same in 2020 but with a different ribbon. I can't find my 2020 medal so I can't be sure. A good solid well made medal though. 


cambridge half marathon race photos

Your entry fee includes professional photos taken at different sections of the course. They are available pretty much straight away thanks to clever software that recognises your race number. 

You do have to share a link on Facebook to access them, but it seems like a small price to pay to get some great photos and help advertise the race. 


The price was £42 which I thought was quite expensive at first but it reflects in road closures, mass toilets, bag storage, photos, goody bag that is included in the price. Have completed the race a few times I think it is great value for money.  

You can pay for extras like Park & Ride tickets when you enter which was £7 per ticket. 

The price to enter the 2022 race has gone up to £44 but I think if you can afford it I would pay the £99 for VIP entry as it includes access to the heated tent, sports massage, refreshments, toilets and the big plus being the private fast line to the start line. 

Who Organises It?

Cambridge Half Marathon is organised by One Step Beyond Promotion also known as OSB Events. They organise the Holkham half marathon/10k and are also known for triathlon events like the Outlaw. 

How To Enter

You can only enter Cambridge Half Marathon via there website and the 2022 event is on Sunday 6th March 2022.


We have found the following results from previous years

2021 2020
2019 2018

Would I Enter Again? 

Definitely, this is a well organised half marathon on a great course with fantastic support all around the route. 

It is a little bit more expensive than most races but I think it is still great value all things considered especially with the major road closures and fantastic goody bag. 

Things To Bear In Mind...

  • Parking is really limited in the city centre and park and ride parking is your best option. Friends stayed over at hotel in the city centre and struggled to get a taxi on the day so choose a hotel that is within walking distance. 
  • The start/finish area does have some catering trucks and tis a good location for meeting friends and family.


I wore the following race day kit:

Top: My club t-shirt
Shorts: Nike Flex Stride 2-in-1 Shorts
Compression Socks: CEP The Run No Show Socks
Trainers: Nike Alphafly 1
Watch: Garmin 245


If you have any questions you would like to ask about the Little Bromley 10K, please ask below in the comments.


If you have any questions you would like to ask about the Cambridge half marathon, please ask below in the comments.


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