BLOC Titan XR360 Sunglasses review

BLOC Titan XR360 Sunglasses

 BLOC Titan XR360 Sunglasses
BLOC Titan XR360 Sunglasses
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The BLOC Titan XR630 sunglasses are designed for a wide selection of different uses. These sports performance sunglasses utilise the very best of Bloc’s performance lens range. 

One of the most notable features of the Titan XR630 sunglasses is the lens replacement system. This allows you to quickly change your lenses wherever you are. The 4-lens system means that you can enjoy a wide range of different light conditions without having to deal with discomfort or loss of vision. 

The lenses can be easily switched by simply folding in the temple to unlock the lens. With a choice of four different lenses, it is possible that you can find the right lens for the light conditions wherever you are. 

When they are not in use, you can store them in the sunglasses case that comes provided. 

The lightweight frame has hypoallergenic nose pads and temple tips meaning they are especially comfortable to wear. 

The XTR Karbon8 lenses provide UV protection and are distortion-free. Using these grey polarised lenses will allow you to see in the brightest of sunlight. Importantly, these lenses provide you with maximum UVA and UVB protection.

Lens replacement system allows you to swap out your lenses according to your needs Lens choices may be a little excessive, you may not need all four that are supplied with the glasses
Light and comfortable design mean you barely notice you are wearing them No real way to avoid getting fingerprints on the lenses when swapping them, although easy to clean with the supplied cloth
The XTR Karbon8 lenses optimize vision in most light conditions Need to carry lenses with you if you plan on swapping them

Our Review

If you are looking for a great pair of sunglasses that you can get plenty of wear out of this summer, the fact that the BLOC Titan XR630 sunglasses have the option to change between four different lens means that there are options for every type of summer weather conditions, from the brightest day through to partially sunny or bright but overcast days.

The ease that you can switch the lenses just further adds to the appeal and the practicality of these great sunglasses. 

Whether you are a mud runner, long-distance runner, a walker, or even a cyclist, the Titan X630 sunglasses are a comfortable and lightweight pair of sunglasses that you won’t even notice wearing.

This will no doubt mean that you will find yourself wearing them a lot of the time, whether it is sunny or not.

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