SAYSKY logo pace long sleeve t-shirt review

SAYSKY Logo Pace Long Sleeve T-Shirt Review

 SAYSKY Logo Pace Long Sleeve T-Shirt
SAYSKY logo pace long sleeve t-shirt

PLEASE NOTE: I was gifted this t-shirt by SAYSKY to give a honest review.

Are you looking for a men's running t-shirt that combines style, comfort, and performance?

Look no further than the SAYSKY Logo Pace Long Sleeve. This innovative running shirt is not only made from recycled polyester, but it also offers a great fit that ensures both comfort and a high level of performance during your runs.


    SAYSKY Logo Pace Long Sleeve T Shirt size XL


    • Lightweight - Super lightweight material.
    • Super soft - Brushed on the inside to make it feel super soft on your skin.
    • Stretchable fabric - The 8% spandex allows the top to fit around your body, regardless of body type. 
    • Performance fabric - Made from what SAYSKY call SAYSKYDRY material that is super breathable and keeps you cool and dry. 

    Size Guide

    SAYSKY Logo Pace Long-Sleeve T Shirt with shorts

    I am 183cm (6 foot) tall and at the time of taking these photos I am 92kg in weight and I am wearing a size XL. 

    It fitted really well, so I would consider sizing up, as I would normally be a size L. 


    SAYSKY Logo Pace Long Sleeve T Shirt size close up

    The SAYSKY Logo Pace long sleeve T-Shirt with is currently available in 7 different colours:

    • Yellow with black sleeves
    • Red with navy sleeves
    • Blue dark grey sleeves
    • Light yellow with dark grey sleeves
    • Purple with dark grey sleeves
    • Brown with black sleeves
    • Black

    I am wearing the yellow edition with black sleeves in the photos with the SAYSKY Combat+ 9 Inch Short Tights

    What Is It Made Of?

    SAYSKY Logo Pace Long Sleeve T-Shirt back view

    SAYSKY say it is made of recycled polyester and achieves the Global recycled standard certificate.

    • 46% recycled polyester
    • 46% polyester
    • 8% spandex


    SAYSKY Logo Pace Long Sleeve T Shirt detail

    The SAYSKY Logo Pace Long Sleeve T-Shirt costs £60.

    This is on the upper end of prices for what you might pay for a long sleeve running t-shirt, however it is a really high quality soft moisture wicking material that is cut to fit really well and the price reflects this.


    SAYSKY Logo Pace Long Sleeve T Shirt features

    If you're looking for a high-quality running top that can withstand the British weather, the SAYSKY Logo Pace long sleeve t-shirt is the perfect choice.

    Its air flow technology and quick-drying fabric will keep you cool and dry, allowing you to focus on your training.

    Where To Buy

     SAYSKY Logo Combat T-Shirt
    Buy From SAYSKY (UK)


    If you have any questions you would like to ask about the SAYSKY Logo Pace long sleeve T-Shirt, please ask below in the comments.


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