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Compressport Hurricane Waterproof 25/75 Jacket

Compressport Hurricane Waterproof 25/75 Jacket

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Highly waterproof, breathable jacket for outdoor adventures in extremely wet conditions.

How Waterproof Is The Jacket?

Developed to protect you from heavy rain the Compressport Hurricane Waterproof 25/75 Jacket is a sturdy companion during any training session or race.

25'000 Schmerber water-resistant fabric allows the Hurrican Waterproof 25/75 Jacket to be watertight keeping you dry even during the heaviest downpours.

For added protection against wet weather, the zips and seams throughout the jacket have been carefully waterproofed keeping you safe in the knowledge that you can keep going no matter what the weather.

Even with its sturdy waterproof abilities, the Compressport Hurricane Waterproof 25/75 Jacket is extremely breathable providing you with a comfortable fit for every run. Moisture-managing, the fabric wicks away sweat and excess moisture from the skin for quicker evaporation so the baselayers of the jacket stay as dry as possible.

Arm Movement & Visibility

Allowing freedom of movement the fabric has a four-way stretch built into the back and underarms letting you move freely without restrictions. Engineered for running the Hurricane Waterproof 25/75 Jacket is ergonomically fitted to move as you do, with tapering on the forearms to avoid excess material getting in the way of motion.

Providing optimal protection the hood and high neck have been designed to provide coverage without hindering your vision.

Does The Jacket Have Any Pockets?

For secure storage two practical zipped pockets are located at each side of the jacket for easy access; ideal for storing small essentials.

How Breathable Is The Jacket?

Completing the Compressport Hurricane Waterproof 25/75 Jacket are integrated 10/10 panels which have been placed in key areas of the jacket to provide you with breathability and thermoregulation to keep you cool when it hot and hot when it's not.

How Much Does The Jacket Weigh?

The jacket weights 141g.

This is the perfect adaptable running waterproof no matter where you are.

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