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Garmin Heart Rate Monitor Pro

Garmin Heart Rate Monitor Pro

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For easy tracking of heart rate data in real-time, the Garmin Heart Rate Monitor Pro provide you with accurate information during and after activity, helping you to get the most out of your development and training.

The Heart Rate Monitor Pro will track your heart rate and pick up data instantly and accurately. Strapped across your chest, the monitor will pick up the heart rate directly from the heart.

What Is The Strap Like?

The strap is extremely flat and lightweight, which will allow you to wear it subtly underneath clothing as if it isn't there. Easily adjusted with straps, this will allow you to personalise the fit so it is suitable for you.

Using Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity, this information can then be translated and sent to a wide range of different devices to give you instant information. The information can be sent to another Garmin device, for example, your watch. It can also be connected to other training apps, such as Zwift or compatible fitness equipment and machines in the gym.

Once you have finished an activity, the device will store the data from throughout the workout. This will give you the opportunity to analyse the whole workout, showing you the number of steps you completed, how many calories you have burnt and the personalised intensity level of the exercise.

In addition to this, the Heart Rate Monitor Pro is also able to capture running dynamics as you go. This will observe metrics such as vertical oscillation, ground contact time, stride length, vertical ratio and more, which will be able to give you information on areas that may need adjusting for efficiency.

The monitor itself is extremely small, even smaller than the strap.

How Long Will The Battery Last?

The battery cell that the monitor uses is replaceable, but the coin cell battery will last for up to one year.

What Colours Are Available?

Currently the Garmin Heart Rate Monitor Pro is only available in black.

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